Canyon County Pet of the Week: Joe

Joe, 5, is a smart cookie who learns quickly. He’s house-trained. He already knows sit, high-five, spin, down and many more tricks. He’s tried and enjoyed urban mushing with a dog scooter.

Even though some people in his past have done him wrong, Joe has yet to meet a person that he doesn’t like. He’s very affectionate and eager to please. While at the shelter, he has never re-directed toward a person, even when worked up about another cat or dog. Bonus — Joe absolutely adores children and has been around ages 2 to 12 with no issues. He actually enjoys interacting with them and doesn’t steal their food.

Joe’s secret career goal is agility master, so he is great at spinning in the air and getting out of harnesses. To stay in shape, he has practiced leaping onto counter tops in a single bound, and is smart enough to find out how to do other unwanted acrobatics. He’ll need a leader to give him boundaries to prevent any more of these antics.

Joe pretty much wants to eat anything that isn’t a person and gets hyper aroused just at the sight of another dog or cat. This most likely means walking him at night or in isolated areas. On the flip side, this means that he will be your one and only and likely the most loyal companion dog that you have every had.

Joe currently lives in a vet kennel, but has had some bad experiences early on with being placed in a plastic crate. Because he does learn quickly, he could probably learn to hang out in a crate with time and training.

Joe is recommended for an active person/family who is able to commit to him as an only pet. He won’t ever be an off-leash dog to take to the river or on a hike in a crowded area, but if you are looking for a project dog and know how to channel Joe’s energy for good, for learning, on-leash, and keep him focused when other animals are around, Joe might be your guy.

Come meet Joe to see if you are up for the challenge to prevent this pup from living in a kennel his entire life. WVHS staffers will explain the best management techniques for Joe and even allow you to have a “sleepover” with him.

To meet Joe and other adoptable pets come to West Valley Humane Society, 5801 Graye Lane, Caldwell, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday or go to