Meridian Pet of the Week: Isabella


Isabella, 2, was nervous when she arrived on transport from Phoenix, But volunteers brought her food and slowly she warmed to the folks at the shelter. She even goes out into the yard. It’s been a process, but over the past few weeks, she’s made a lot of progress. New people still scare her, and sometimes loud noises startle her — but she’ll quietly hand around with people she knows.

She wants to be a lapdog, and will hold herself stiffly with her tail tucked when being petted at first, but she tries to be brave. Once she’s comfortable, she dances, runs and paws and for attention. Isabella has been OK around other dogs her size. She’s standoffish at first but then relaxes. A home that is a quiet, calm and predictable and without young children is probably best. Isabella is fully vetted.

Meet Isabella or other dogs at the Meridian Canine Rescue (formerly Meridian Valley Humane Society) to fill out an application. The rescue’s new location is 501 E. Scenery Lane, Meridian. Hours are noon to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Call 794-0944 or go to