Meridian Pet of the Week: Dexter


Dexter, 3, has to be one of the happiest dogs we’ve ever had. His little feet tap dance the second we walk into his room. He can barely contain his excitement when we approach his kennel, and his beautiful baby eyes look at us as if to say, “Come here. Can I tell you a secret? I love you already.” When Dexter enters the play yard, it’s time for zoomies. He will pause long enough for some back scratches and a full body hug or two, then he’s back at play bowing, tap dancing and zooming himself all around the place. You can’t see him in action and not smile. Actually, you can’t even meet him without smiling.

Dexter is still a young one who has overcome some of his puppy habits but not others. He will jump up for attention, and he certainly has energy to spare. But his sheer exuberance is a personality trait, and we don’t see that fading away anytime soon. Dexter arrived from California and is fully vetted and ready for a home now. We’re told that he is not good with cats. Dexter is dog selective — with dogs his size, he wants to engage in play, but he will hold his own if a conflict arises. Because of his size and energy level, we suspect that he would do better in a home with older kids, so you’re welcome to bring the whole family in to meet him.

Meet Dexter or other dogs at the Meridian Canine Rescue (formerly Meridian Valley Humane Society) to fill out an application. The rescue’s new location is 501 E. Scenery Lane, Meridian. Hours are noon to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Call 794-0944 or go to