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Earning sweat equity during pregnancy


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Licensed contractor and personal trainer (what a combo!) Amy Matthews hosts “Sweat Equity” on the DIY channel. In it, she offers great tips on increasing the value of your home by doing a little sweatin’ as you make improvements.

Turns out if you’re pregnant (and at a healthy weight), you can earn valuable sweat equity another way, too! A study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that women who exercise during pregnancy do NOT increase their risk of preterm birth -- and are more likely to avoid a C-section than women who don’t exercise.

The facts: In the study, 22 percent of pregnant women who weren’t active had a C-section, while less than 18 percent of active women did. Only 2.4 percent of active women had gestational diabetes, while almost 6 percent of inactive women did. And less than 2 percent of active women had high blood pressure issues, while more than 5 percent of inactive women did.

The routine: The study says moderate aerobic exercise for 35-90 minutes three to four times a week is beneficial if you’re normal weight, have a singleton pregnancy and an uncomplicated gestation. Talk to your doc about your exercise plans for all three trimesters, and start slowly (get started with Sharecare’s walking fitness program: if you weren’t working out regularly before you became pregnant. If you develop and/or continue healthy exercise habits, you’ll be a great role model for your young’uns. Kids with active, healthy parents get a head start on their path to a healthy, happy life.

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