Food & Drink

Ada County food inspections Oct. 20-26, 2015

The Central District Health Department conducts annual inspections of all food-handling establishments in Ada County. Any listed item indicates items or practices out of compliance with Idaho Food Code. Violations must be corrected within 10 days. For details, go to The Southwest District Health Department makes similar inspections in Canyon County; its records are available at

Big Daddy’s BBQ, 1551 W. Cherry Lane, 102, Meridian

11*, 12*, 20*

Boise Co-op — Deli, 888 W. Fort St., Boise

18*, 19*

Burger Belly, 1079 S. Broadway Ave., Boise


Chapala Mexican Restaurant, 3447 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City

12*, 19*, 20*, 22*

Compass Public Charter School, 2511 W. Cherry Lane, Meridian


Eddie’s Diner, 3095 N. Lakeharbor Lane, Boise

11*, 19*, 20*

Janjou Patisserie Artisan Boutique Bakery, 1754 W. State St., Boise


Moon’s Kitchen, 6767 W. Fairview Ave., Boise

5*, 12*, 19*, 20*

North End Chevron, 1470 W. State St., Boise

1*, 18*, 25*

Old Chicago, 730 W. Idaho St., Boise

17*, 19*

Original Pancake House, 5900 W. Fairview Ave., Boise


Taj Mahal, 150 N. 8th St., Ste 222, Boise

11*, 17*, 20*

Wasabi, 2325 S. Apple St., Boise

5*, 7*, 21*

*Corrected within required 10 days.

Key to Violations

1 Insufficient food safety knowledge.

2 Employee illness policy action.

3 Eating, drinking, tobacco use in a food preparation area.

4 Food worker with discharge from eyes, nose or throat.

5 Incorrect hand-washing practice.

6 Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.

7 Inadequate hand-washing facilities.

8 Food not from an approved source.

9 Food received in unsafe condition.

10 Inadequate record keeping of seafood/fish.

11 Improper separation and protection of food.

12 Improper cleaning/sanitation of foodcontact surface.

13 Food returned and re-served.

14 Food unsafe for consumption.

15 Incorrect cook time and cook temp.

16 Incorrect reheating of food.

17 Incorrect food cooling process.

18 Improper hot holding temperature.

19 Improper cold holding temperature.

20 Incorrect food dating.

21 Inadequate food/time records.

22 Improper consumer advisory for undercooked or raw food.

23 Pasteurized or thoroughly cooked food required.

24 Incorrect use of food additives.

25 Improper storage or labeling of chemicals.

26 Incorrect special food processing methods.

Inspected with no violations

Arby’s, 989 N. Milwaukee St., Boise

Barbara Morgan STEM Academy, 1825 Chateau Drive, Meridian

Blimpie Subs & Salads, 2475 S. Apple Street, #101, Boise

Cinder, 107 1/2 E. 44th St., Garden City

Dahlia Catering, 2015 Special Event, Boise

Domino’s, 2132 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

Eliza Hart Spalding Elementary School, 4701 E. Braddock Drive, Meridian

Fred Meyer — Bakery, Deli, Fish, Grocery, Meat, Produce, 5425 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City

Hickory Farms — Boise Towne Square, 350 N. Milwaukee St.

Idaho’s Bounty, 120 E. 46th St., Boise

Jenny Craig, 8251 W. Franklin Road, Boise

Meridian Academy, 2311 E. Lanark St.

Panda Express, 6675 N. Glenwood St., Garden City

Popeyes, 1602 Broadway Ave., Boise

Riverside Elementary School, 2100 E. Victory Road, Boise

Rumbi Island Grill, 3327 N. Eagle Road #165, Meridian

Scentsy Cafe, 2901 E. Pine Ave., Meridian

Subway Sandwiches, 6456 S. Federal Way, Boise

Village Cinema Concessions, 3711 Longwing Lane, Meridian

Yard House, 3693 E. Longwing Lane Ste 140, Meridian