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Really? Study ranks Boise in the Top 25 best cities for vegans and vegetarians

Boise is one of the best cities for vegan and vegetarian eaters, according to a study by the website WalletHub.

The City of Trees ranked No. 23 — between Minneapolis and Jacksonville. The top three cities were Portland, Los Angeles and Orlando.

Boise ranked above much larger urban areas, including Boston, Denver, Miami and Oakland.

The study looked at how easy it is for Treasure Valley residents to find and buy non-animal-based food. It looked at vegan and vegetarian restaurants, the price of plant-based groceries, and access to farmers markets and organic foods. WalletHub also looked at GrubHub’s list of cities most likely to order vegetarian, which didn’t include Boise as of 2015.

Boise diners have more options for vegetarian and vegan restaurants lately. New eateries like Toasted are opening with vegan and vegetarian dining. And even mainstays on the Boise restaurant scene are changing their menus. The High Note Cafe in Downtown Boise earlier this year switched to all-vegan ingredients.

“I will make the High Note Cafe into a completely vegan establishment in the coming weeks,” High Note Cafe management said in a Facebook post announcing the change. “If it works out, great, if it doesn’t and costs me my livelihood, then so be it. I can no longer go forward knowing that I have supported great suffering and inexcusable practices by the meat/egg/dairy industry. I’m terrified, but I know I’m doing the right thing, and the right thing isn’t always lucrative or safe.”

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