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McDonald’s announces Idaho Burger with ‘potato patty in the hokuhoku texture.’ ...What?

A McDonald’s sign.
A McDonald’s sign. TNS

There’s an Idaho Burger coming to McDonald’s. The flight costs might not justify the burger, however, no matter how tasty it ends up being.

McDonald’s of Japan announced that it is releasing a pair of “USA-inspired burgers” as part of an American Deluxe series, according to lifestyle/fashion website Highsnobiety. A trip to a Google-translated version of the Japanese McDonald’s site reveals a Texas Burger 2018 and an Idaho Burger 2018.

What delicacies does the Idaho Burger contain? Well, it’s basically a bacon burger with cheese sauce, onions, a black pepper/garlic sauce and, of course, a hashbrown in honor of Idaho. There’s a breakfast version of the sandwich as well, where the burger patty is subbed out for sausage.

Google Translate, with its well-known history of imperfect translations, describes it as such:

“To 100% beef patty which is superb, juicy and exquisite, thick with 100% beef patty, crispy outside, potato patty in the hokuhoku texture, 2 juicy bacon grilled with shops and shakiaki onion, with richness. We combined the cheddar cheese and sandwiched it with a savory tinted bun,” it reads.

It gets better.

“The taste’s decisive factor is a combination of aromas of black peppers that are tangy, a sauce with a flavor of garlic and rich flavor, and reasonably pungent mustard sauce. Combination of pepper & garlic sauce is addictive to potato patty and thick beef. Enjoy the dazzling 2018 ‘Idaho Burger’ with an image that makes the image of the United States.”

Can’t you almost taste the “image that makes the image of the United States?”

For reference, the Texas Burger has, “a beef patty, fried onions, two slices of bacon, and two slices of melted cheddar sandwiched in a three-stage bun. The burger is finished with a dose of barbecue sauce for that true hit of Lone Star State goodness,” according to Highsnobiety.

Last year, the series included a Deluxe Cheese Beef Burger and a chicken variation, according to

Interested? Well, just as a heads up, it’s about 5,200 miles from Boise to Tokyo.

Plan accordingly.