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Ada County food service inspections Nov. 7-13, 2017

The Central District Health Department conducts annual inspections of food service establishments in Ada County. Items listed correspond to risk factors that are most often associated with foodborne illness. Additional items are evaluated during inspection. For details, go to The Southwest District Health Department makes similar inspections in Canyon County; its records are available at

Albertsons — fish, 250 S. Eagle Road, Eagle


Beyond Taste LLC, 150 N. 8th St., Suite 217, Boise


Blackrock Coffee Shop, 1604 S. Broadway Ave., Boise


Burger Belley, 1079 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

8*, 10*, 15*, 16

Carl’s Jr., 226 N. Broadway Ave., Boise


Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant, 283 N. Milwaukee St., Boise

8*, 10*, 22*, 23*

Jack In The Box, 1302 S. Orchard St., Boise


Leku Ona, 117 S. 6th St., Boise

15*, 16*

Moxie Java Cafe, 6625 N. Glenwood St., Garden City


Owyhee Tavern, 1109 Main St., Boise

6*, 16*, 23*, 29*

Pie Hole, 1016 Broadway Ave., Boise


Sakura Sushi, 3210 E. Chinden Blvd., 138, Eagle

3*, 5*, 10*, 15*

Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill, 127 E. State St., Eagle


Subway, 3030 E. Magic View Drive, Meridian


The Grove Hotel — Emilio’s, 245 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise

10*, 15*, 22*

Wendy’s, 1180 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

10*, 16*, 22*

*Violation(s) corrected.

Key to Violations

1 Insufficient food safety knowledge.

2 Certified Food Protection Manager — accredited course.

3 Illness/communicable disease reporting required.

4 Improper restriction and exclusion of ill food service employees.

5 Insufficient vomiting and diarrheal clean-up procedure.

6 Eating, drinking, tasting, or tobacco use in food preparation area.

7 Food worker with discharge from eyes, nose and/or throat.

8 Incorrect hand washing practices.

9 Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.

10 Inadequate hand washing facilities.

11 Food not from an approved source.

12 Food received in unsafe condition.

13 Food not safe for consumption.

14 Inadequate record keeping of seafood/shellfish and fish.

15 Improper separation and protection of food.

16 Improper cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces.

17 Food returned and reserved.

18 Incorrect cook temperature and cook time.

19 Incorrect reheating of food — temperature/time.

20 Incorrect food cooling process.

21 Food not at proper hot holding temperature.

22 Incorrect cold holding temperature of food.

23 Incorrect use-by date marking of food.

24 Insufficient record of time as a safe food control.

25 Improper consumer advisory for under-cooked or raw food served.

26 Pasteurized or thoroughly cooked food required.

27 Incorrect use of food additives.

28 Toxic items not properly stored/labeled.

29 Special food processing plans not available/not followed.

Inspected with no major risk factor violations

Albertsons — bakery, deli, grocery, meat, produce, 250 S. Eagle Road, Eagle

Albertsons — Starbucks, 250 S. Eagle Road, Eagle

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, 2810 W. Elder St., Boise

Arkansas Jerrons BBQ, 7670 W. Colt Drive, Boise

Blimpie, 5120 W. Overland Road, Ste A, Boise

Boise Rescue Mission, 308 W. 24th St., Boise

Brown Shuga Soul Food 2, 5032 N. Burlington Drive, Boise

Carl’s Jr., 3004 E. State St., Eagle

Center for Change, 1411 W. Franklin St., Boise

Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel, 11 N. Latah St., Boise

Country Time Concessions, 100 E. 43rd St., Garden City

Courtyard Marriott Boise, 222 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

Dharma Sushi and Thai, 624 W. Idaho St., Boise

Eagle Academy, 100 S. Academy Ave., Eagle

Eagle United Methodist Church, 651 N. Eagle Road, Eagle

Fred Meyer — grocery, 10751 W. Overland Road, Boise

Galileo Math & Science, 4735 N. Saguaro Road, Eagle

Gem Stop, 4168 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City

Hachi Dogs, 2017 Special Events, Boise

Idaho Pizza Company, 405 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian

Idaho Pizza Company, 1677 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

Jacksons Food Store, 4133 W. Rose Hill St., Boise

Jumpin’ Juice & Java Unit A, 574 N. Park Lane, Eagle

Louie’s Wild Alaskan Seafood, 10577 Fairview Ave., Boise

Mountain Valley Farmstead, 2017 Special Events, Boise

Mythic Mead, 5111 Alworth St., Suite A, Garden City

North Channel Chevron, 503 S. Eagle Road, Eagle

Pathways Middle School, 1870 E. Heritage Park Lane, Meridian

Pizza Hut, 1505 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

Pizza Hut, 3367 S. Federal Way, Boise

Ranch Club, 2017 Special Events, Boise

Sofia’s Greek Bistro, 6748 N. Glenwood St., Garden City

St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry, 3209 W. Overland Road, Boise

Starbucks, 1598 E. Riverside Drive, Eagle

Starbucks, 1100 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

Stinker Store, 434 S. Eagle Road, Eagle

Taco Del Mar, 2976 E. State St., Eagle

The Gathering Place, 50 E. State St., Eagle

The Grove Hotel — banquet kitchen/bars, 245 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise

The Gyro Shack, 777 W. Main St., Suite 115, Boise

Toni O’s Gourmet Cookies, 190 W. State St., Eagle

Westy’s Players Pub & Grill, 5504 N. Alworth St., Garden City

Wilkerson POD, 1910 University Drive, Boise