Food & Drink

Ada County food service inspections Sept. 20-26, 2016

The Central District Health Department conducts annual inspections of all food-handling establishments in Ada County. Any listed item indicates items or practices out of compliance with Idaho Food Code. For details, go to The Southwest District Health Department makes similar inspections in Canyon County; its records are available at

Chapala Mexican Restaurant, 1201 S. Vista Ave., Boise


Chinatown’s Quik-Wok, 361 W. Main St., Kuna

6*, 8*, 10*, 21*, 23*

Country Pride, 4115 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

8*, 9*

Frankie’s Java, 2016 Special Events, Boise


Kuna Farmers Market, 2016 Special Events, Kuna


McDonald’s, 4825 N. Glenwood St., Garden City


Ranch Club, 3544 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City

23*, 25*

Reed Elementary School, 1670 N. Linder Road, Kuna


South Boise Women’s Correctional Center, 13200 S. Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna


Subway, 1106 W. State St., Boise


The Creperie, 7709 W. Overland Road, Ste. 130, Boise

15*, 22*, 23*

Yoi Tomo Sushi, 405 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise

15*, 22*

*Violation(s) corrected.

Key to Violations

1 Insufficient food safety knowledge.

2 Certified Food Protection Manager — accredited course.

3 Illness/communicable disease reporting required.

4 Improper restriction and exclusion of ill food service employees.

5 Insufficient vomiting and diarrheal clean-up procedure.

6 Eating, drinking, tasting, or tobacco use in food preparation area.

7 Food worker with discharge from eyes, nose and/or throat.

8 Incorrect hand washing practices.

9 Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.

10 Inadequate hand washing facilities.

11 Food not from an approved source.

12 Food received in unsafe condition.

13 Food not safe for consumption.

14 Inadequate record keeping of seafood/shellfish and fish.

15 Improper separation and protection of food.

16 Improper cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces.

17 Food returned and reserved.

18 Incorrect cook temperature and cook time.

19 Incorrect reheating of food — temperature/time.

20 Incorrect food cooling process.

21 Food not at proper hot holding temperature.

22 Incorrect cold holding temperature of food.

23 Incorrect use-by date marking of food.

24 Insufficient record of time as a safe food control.

25 Improper consumer advisory for under-cooked or raw food served.

26 Pasteurized or thoroughly cooked food required.

27 Incorrect use of food additives.

28 Toxic items not properly stored/labeled.

29 Special food processing plans not available/not followed.

Inspected with no violations

10 Barrel Brewing, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Albertsons Cafe, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Arby’s, 989 N Milwaukee Street, Boise

Bardenay Restaurant, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Bella Aquila, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Big Sky Events and Catering, 130 W. Ellen St., Garden City

Bodovino, 404 S. 8th St., #188, Boise

Boise High School, 1010 W. Washington St.

BSU Football Fuel Station, 1185 Cesar Chavez, Boise

BSU SUB-Fresh Express, 1910 W. University Drive, Boise

Cecil Andrus Elementary, 6200 N. Park Meadow Drive, Boise

Feed My Fit, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Fit One Healthy Living Expo Main Stage, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Goodwood Barbecue Company, 1140 N. Eagle Road, Meridian

Grit American Cuisine, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Highlands Elementary School, 3434 N. Bogus Basin Road, Boise

Hillside Junior High School, 3536 W. Hill Road, Boise

Idaho Beef Council, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Jack in the Box, 2611 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

Jacksons Food Stores, 818 N. 8th St., Boise

Jakers Bar and Grill, 2016 Special Events, Meridian

Javu Brew LLC, 9621 W. Calico Court, Boise

Jefferson Elementary School, 200 S. Latah St., Boise

Kuna Senior Center, 229 Avenue B, Kuna

La Creme, 3690 E. Monarch Sky Lane, 115, Meridian

Little Cow Mountain Farm, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Longfellow Elementary School, 1511 N. 9th St., Boise

Lowell Scott Middle School, 13600 W. McMillan Road, Boise

Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School, 1789 Leighfield Drive, Meridian

Meridian Warrior Booster Grill, 1900 W. Pine Ave.

Norco, 2016 Special Events, Boise

North Junior High School, 1105 N. 13th St., Boise

Olive and Vyne, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Panda Express, 601 W. Front St., Boise

Pioneer Elementary School, 13255 W. McMillan Road, Boise

Pita Pit, 746 Main St., Boise

Pojo’s, 7736 W. Fairview Ave., Boise

Ponderosa Elementary, 2950 N. Naomi Ave., Meridian

Porterhouse, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Rembrandts, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Rice Family Farms, 2016 Special Events, Meridian

River Birch Golf Course, 3740 N. Pollard Lane, Star

Roosevelt Elementary School, 908 E. Jefferson St., Boise

Rumbi Island Grill, 3327 N. Eagle Road #165, Meridian

Scottish Pie Shop, 2016 Special Events, Garden City

Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill, 2016 Special Events, Garden City

Sonic Drive-In, 4936 N. Linder Road, Meridian

Subway, 182 E. State St., Eagle

Village Cinema Concessions, 3711 Longwing Lane, Meridian

Village Coffee, 3635 E. Longwing Lane, Meridian

Waffle Love, 2016 Special Events, Meridian

Whittier Elementary School, 301 N. 29th St., Boise

Wild West, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Willow Creek Elementary, 6195 N. Long Lake Way, Meridian