Sunday’s child: John and Makenzie

Provided by Northwest Adoption Exchange

John and Makenzie, 10 and 11

John “Johnny” and Makenzie are siblings who are looking for a home where they can be adopted together. These siblings would do best in an environment that is calm, predictable and tailored to their needs.

Johnny is a loveable and caring boy who has a happy disposition. Johnny is initially shy but warms up quickly. He can be both friendly and outgoing but also strong-willed. He makes it known when he does not want to do something or when he is feeling frustrated. Johnny thrives with a routine and will adapt to changes in his routine with “notice.” Preferring the comfort and stability of a regular routine, Johnny can feel unsettled and often needs some reassurance. Before new or even daily events, he needs to be reminded and walked through the event so that he doesn’t become surprised or frustrated. Johnny has a healthy appetite and likes to try new foods.

Makenzie is a beautiful little girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She smiles a lot and is very loving and empathetic towards her brother, foster siblings and others. Makenzie loves the attention she receives from trusted adults; she sometimes wants it all and does not want to share the spotlight. Johnny and Makenzie are in overall good health. They seek regular medical, dental and vision appointments.

Johnny and Makenzie are working on getting to their age-appropriate level academically. Both children currently have supports in place at their school in order to help them move closer to grade level. They will need to be in a school setting with supportive school staff and caregivers to ensure that future services are being offered and someone is advocating for them.

Johnny is blind in his right eye and has undergone several surgical procedures. It was determined that he will never have sight in that eye. Adoptive parents will need to ensure that he visits an optometrist regularly for preventative care.

Johnny also has symptoms consistent with the condition of mild cerebral palsy that affect his gross motor skills. He has been participating in therapies that have helped him to improve his skills in this area. It is extremely important that he remain active on a daily basis so his muscles stay limber. He needs to be part of a family who will work with him to ensure that he keeps busy and does exercises/stretches regularly.

Johnny and Makenzie would do best in a two-parent home with children who are similar in age or older to help set an example for them. Both children are very busy and require parents who are able to provide them ongoing support, supervision and attention. They are used to a structured routine within the family. They do well with lists posted in the home of what is expected of them (i.e. chores, rewards, reading, etc.). They may struggle with adjusting to a new environment as they thrive in a more predictable setting.

John & Makenzie are available for adoption through the State of Oregon. For contact information, email the Idaho CareLine (please include your city AND zip code) or call 1-800-926-2588.