Safely add fresh fruit to your dog’s diet

Warm weather means that fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance, and just as we incorporate them into our diets, we can do so for our dogs as well. It may be confusing to figure out which fruits and vegetables are safe for your dog (here’s a hint: grapes and raisins are on the no-no list), but the American Kennel Club takes the guesswork out of it.

– Fresh strawberries (not canned strawberries or strawberries in syrup, as they’re not good for your dog) are a warm-weather favorite that makes a sweet, healthy treat for your dog. Over time, fresh fruit helps with aging, strengthening the immune system and helping with weight management.

– The safest way to feed your dog strawberries is to cut the fruit into small pieces to avoid choking and ensure easier digestion. If you have a smaller dog, you can mash up the berries or puree them and add them to the dog food they normally eat.

– As with adding any other food into your dog’s diet, it is always a good idea to call your veterinarian prior to adding the berries. Once you do begin to add them, start with small qualities and watch for any changes in behavior or digestive issues. Should you notice anything odd, stop adding them and call your vet.

– In addition to strawberries, a few more fruits you can feed your dog to keep him cool and healthy are frozen bananas, watermelon with the seeds removed, apples with the seeds and core removed, blueberries and cantaloupe.

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