Meet Isaiah

One look at 7-year-old Isaiah will melt your heart. Although Isaiah has difficulty communicating verbally, he is learning to sign and is quick to try to help his caregivers know what his needs are.

Isaiah is full of energy and has developed physical ways of letting the people in his life that he trusts and feels safe with know that they are special to him. Isaiah enjoys any activity that fills his sensory needs, including playing with older children and any outside activity — particularly jumping on the trampoline.

Structure and routine help Isaiah to thrive in all areas of his life. A perfect fit for Isaiah would be an adoptive home where he would be the youngest child in the family and might include a stay-at-home parent.

For more information on Isaiah or adoption in Idaho, visit http://idaho or contact Shawn White via email at swhite52@ewu .edu or cellphone at 208-488-8989 if you have specific questions.