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Boise State just bought a parking lot and a fourplex on land for its baseball stadium

Boise State University announced Friday in a news release that it has acquired a pair of properties south of Albertsons Stadium, paving the way for the school to build a baseball stadium for its resurrected program.

According to the release, Boise State bought a parking lot adjacent to the Boise Church of Christ on the corner of Denver Avenue and Belmont Street. The school also purchased a fourplex of apartments on Beacon Street, none of which are occupied, the release said.

The university already owns the surrounding property south of West University Drive and north of Belmont Street between South Denver Avenue and South Grant Avenue. With the new acquisitions, Boise State will have a large block of land in the area.

Back in August, the Idaho State Board of Education approved Boise State’s request to attempt to acquire the property via eminent domain to build the stadium there.

Eminent domain is a tool used to acquire private property for public use after being deemed in the best interests of the public; the private property owner is compensated accordingly for the land.

Boise State is set to begin playing baseball again in 2020 after a hiatus since 1980.