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This Idaho city just made using your handheld cellphone in the car illegal

Idaho Falls passed an ordinance Thursday night banning drivers from using handheld cell phones.

According to the Post-Register, the ban will go into effect in the next week, though tickets will not be given until January. A misdemeanor will be given upon the third offense if occurring within two years of the first two offenses, the Post-Register said.

Hands-free cell phone devices are still allowed, according to the Post-Register, and law enforcement is exempt from the ban. Drivers can also use handheld phones if there is an emergency.

Current Idaho law does not ban drivers from using cellphones while driving, though texting is outlawed. Individual cities can add to laws and ordinances, however, allowing Idaho Falls to make the move.

A statewide law for limiting cellphones while driving to only handsfree devices was introduced in the Idaho senate during the 2018 session but was ultimately killed in February after being deemed an “overreach.”

Other Idaho areas limiting cellphone use to handsfree devices are Ketchum, Hailey, Blaine County and Sandpoint, according to the Post-Register.