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8 gang members indicted for alleged roles in Canyon County prison fight

The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that eight gang members have been indicted for their alleged roles in a prison fight at the Canyon County jail in June.

The eight men were charged with felony riot charges with a gang enhancement. Five of the eight men were arraigned Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The men are Gerardo Ayala, 26, of Nampa; Gregorio Vallin, 29, of Caldwell; Emilio Pena, 23, of Nampa; Joseph McMillin, 37, of Caldwell; Joseph Giannini, 25, of Nampa; Carlos Lopez, 38, of Nampa; Albert Munoz, 21, of Caldwell; Randy Leija, 18, of Nampa.

The fight occurred on June 15, according to sheriff’s officials; a separate incident at the jail that resulted in 12 gang members being charged with felony riot with a gang enhancement took place on June 6.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, felony riot charges carry a sentence of 5 to 20 years, while a gang enhancement adds 2 to 5 years to the sentence.