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38-year-old Caldwell man sentenced to 30 years in prison after sixth DUI

Roy Rico
Roy Rico

A 38-year-old Caldwell man was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison on a November 2017 felony charge of driving under the influence — his sixth DUI and fourth of the felony variety.

Roy Rico will be eligible for parole in just six years, according to the Canyon County prosecutor’s office. He was arrested last fall after running a stop sign and nearly hitting another vehicle. Rico then fled from police; upon detainment, he refused to take a field sobriety test.

The prosecutors’ office sought a life sentence for Rico with the possibility of parole after 10 years.

“Mr. Rico is extremely lucky he hasn’t hurt or killed someone over the years. There is no doubt that he belongs in prison for an extensive period of time,” Deputy Prosecutor Ingrid Batey said in a statement.

Rico, who was on probation for a felony DUI conviction in 2015, had a blood alcohol content of .255, according to the prosecutor’s office said. He had a BAC of .317 when arrested for the 2015 DUI.

His other arrests for driving under the influence came in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2011, the latter two of which were felonies.