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2 new Boise albums: Afrosonics, Curtis / Sutton & the Scavengers

People Meet Your People


Speaking of people, nine make up this Afro-indie band. That helps explain the slightly chaotic vibe of the electro-funk title track, which leads off this nine-song album like herky-jerk roller coaster corners. Afrosonics combine hopeful, retro-inspirational lyrics (e.g. addressing listeners as “brothers and sisters!”) with slick keyboards and African rhythmic influences. Grooves are the glue binding everything together, particularly on a funk track such as “Jet Powered.” During less straightforward listens, such as the reggae-injected “Lord’s Prayer,” Afrosonics revel in scattershot sonic shapeshifting. The CD comes with a four-track bonus disc. afrosonics.com

Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers

Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers

Describing their sound as a blend of country-folk and swamp-blues, Charlie Sutton and Ryan Curtis make a standout debut on this rootsy, six-song EP. From the space between banjo plucks to the intoxicating beauty of a slowly sinking resonator note, their playing style employs dynamics and melody with consistently entertaining results. The men’s disparate singing voices — one sandpaper-rough, the other more traditional and longing — provide a one-two punch that serves these evocative lyrics well. curtissutton.com.

Michael Deeds