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Boise radio station cancels wiener dog race to avoid felony

Wanna race, little buddy? Not in Idaho. Try Mexico.
Wanna race, little buddy? Not in Idaho. Try Mexico. AP

Local radio station Wow 104.3 just got dogged — by Idaho law.

KBOI Channel 2 reports that the country station abruptly nixed an “Arena Wiena Dog Race” planned this week in Boise. More than 30 dachshund-style dogs were slated to scamper during a family-friendly event Thursday at All Paws Stay-N-Play, 454 N. Phillippi St.

One problem: Idaho law — always dependable for head-scratching language — bans “live dog races.” Not just betting on them. Races.

This apparently includes stubby-legged, tail-wagging, competitive wiener-dog frolics.

Wow 104.3 FM posted a statement explaining the situation: “If we move forward ... there will be public arrests made. ... This (law) was originally put into place to protect greyhounds who were being abused and used for gambling purposes.”

Rather than axing the wiener-dog gathering entirely, the pooch party Thursday was changed to a race-free “All Paws Doggie Extravaganza.”

Instead of racing dogs, contestants raced remote-control vehicles that carried hot dogs.

The question remains: Would anyone REALLY have been arrested if they’d raced wiener dogs? Wow 104.3 was not contacted by Idaho State Police. The station found out about the law from KBOI.

Either way, perhaps it’s time to revisit the statute? Hey, state lawmakers proved recently that it is possible to allow common sense to prevail, when they revised the ban on alcohol at mainstream movies that include nudity and sex.

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