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David Crosby apologizes for telling Idaho Statesman that Daryl Hannah is a ‘purely poisonous predator,’ upsetting Neil Young

When I asked David Crosby last September what he thought about Neil Young divorcing Pegi Young, I had no idea that it would launch a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-caliber controversy.

Young leaving his wife of 36 years had made international headlines. And the fact that Young was dating Daryl Hannah was not yet public. So when Croz told me that his former CSNY bandmate was “hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now,” well, yeah, it seemed a little harsh. But I didn’t know he was referring to Hannah. It sounded like an opinionated guy genuinely concerned about his old musician buddy.

Well, it turned out to be a shot at a female celebrity with a complicated romantic past. And it made Neil Young extremely grouchy.

It took eight months, but Crosby decided to apologize to Hannah and Young in an interview with Howard Stern. “I was completely out of line,” Croz said. “I have screwed up massively.”

Oh, and incidentally, no, Robin Quivers, the “predator” comment wasn’t off the record. Croz probably wishes that he hadn’t said it — but seriously, who could have predicted the ensuing drama? I like Croz. Things just sort of blew up.

The big question: What will Rolling Stone’s associate editors continually write online updates about now?