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Is Garth Brooks coming to Boise State to perform stadium concerts? Here’s what we know.

When it comes to juicy concert gossip, let’s admit it. We’re all “Shameless.”

Sometimes we hear rumors from “Friends in Low Places.”

Other times, they come from local media.

The latest? That Garth Brooks is coming to Boise. (And not just to watch Bob Seger perform.)

Morning personality Mike Kasper of 670 KBOI AM got the thunder rolling Wednesday by tweeting that he was “hearing rumors” about Brooks performing three concerts at Albertsons Stadium in July.

That would be big. First, because Brooks is massive. Second, because Boise State never does stadium concerts. At least not the kind that fill the stadium.

But is the rumor true?

I asked Greg Hahn, associate vice president for communications and marketing at Boise State, whether Brooks was going to perform a concert or concerts at Bronco, er, Albertsons Stadium.

In his reply email, Hahn did not confirm or deny. He did “The Dance,” to quote another Brooks hit: “Boise State University does not have a signed facility license/rental agreement with any entertainment artist or other major event in Albertsons Stadium for this summer.”

I asked whether BSU was in negotiations with Brooks.

“I’m sorry ... that was all I have on it,” Hahn wrote back.

The important take here? There is no signed deal for a Brooks concert.


It’s certainly possible that Boise State is working on a Brooks stadium run and negotiations are ongoing. If that’s the case, this rumor puts BSU in a difficult spot. Until the dotted line is signed, a deal always can implode.

On Thursday, Boise State football coach Bryan Harsin added fuel to the Brooks rumor. Harsin seemed to confirm that some type of “concerts on the blue” would punt his team off the field this summer.

“Garth Brooks is definitely one I’d want to see,” Harsin told local sports media. “The concerts on the blue, that’s not my decision. I really have nothing to do with that. I found out about that last week. We’ll adjust our summer plans, but it is what it is. Hopefully we have a great artist to come play on it, we’ll see who that is. If it’s him, certainly would like to be part of it. Maybe we can get our whole football team, since we’re not going to be practicing out there, to go at least cheer for who is going to sing.”

After Harsin’s quotes went public, Kasper indicated on social media that he’d heard the Brooks dates were July 19, 20 and 21, again with the caveat, “remember, I have no confirmation yet that it’s happening ... just rumors and conjecture ... but it’s looking pretty real.”

Here’s where rumors get tricky. Sometimes they’re false. Sometimes they’re true. Sometimes they’re only partly true. I have serious doubts that three concerts would happen. One show? Sure. Two? Perhaps. But if Brooks wanted to fill the stadium with roughly 40,000 fans per night, three would seriously test a secondary market like Boise.

If I had to put $20 on whether Brooks on the blue is actually going to happen at all? I’m going with 50-50. I’d probably roll the dice and take the “yes” bet. Then I’d hope the money I won would be enough to buy a beer at the show.

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