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A new restaurant or brewery with Airbnb rentals above it? Only in hip Garden City

The view looking northeast in a conceptual drawing of the mixed-use building planned at 201 E. 35th St. in Garden City.
The view looking northeast in a conceptual drawing of the mixed-use building planned at 201 E. 35th St. in Garden City. Lindgren-Labrie Architecture

The eastern side of Garden City is getting more intriguing — again.

The latest news in this vibrant, evolving area: A one-story commercial building is destined to become an eye-catching two-story attraction.

Plans are in the works to convert 201 E. 35th St. into a mixed-use space. Building co-owner Kyler Daron hopes to find a restaurant tenant for the first floor, which is 2,718 square feet. The second floor, which will be 2,349 square feet, will contain two loft-style apartments. “Airbnbs, that’s going to be our specific usage,” Daron says.

Additional room upstairs likely will be used for office space.

Although the conceptual drawing imagines the ground floor as a brewery, that’s more of a possibility than a goal. “Definitely a restaurant is what we’re going for,” Daron says. “Something that’s probably family-owned. Something that is just going to bring character to the community without coming in and trying to commercialize the area.”

Daron purchased the building last year with his stepfather and his mother, Thomas and Kristin Goodwin. They’d like to finish construction by late summer, he says. The current tenant, H&W Northwest Motors, will be phased out.

“We’re super excited to get it off the ground,” Daron says.

The restaurant/Airbnb/office combo would add another entertainment option to the neighborhood, which is part of Garden City’s Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District.

Last summer, the outdoor 34th Street Market and container bar appeared along the Boise River. Urban Land Development plans to transform and revitalize 34th Street from the river to Chinden Boulevard.

“It’s the place to be,” Daron says. “We love it down there.“

Katie Alvarez stands in front of her Boise home with son Isaac Alvarez. She and her husband, Enrique Alvarez, have been renting out a two rooms through Airbnb since June 2017. Alvarez said they're occupied about 90 percent of the time.

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