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‘Stupid-good’ food: New Boise restaurant opens, expands menu from Meridian location

Smoked prime rib is offered from 4 p.m. until it’s gone on Fridays and Saturdays at both Big Daddy’s BBQ locations.  It’s $17 for an 8-ouncer with two sides, or $27 for a 16-ouncer.
Smoked prime rib is offered from 4 p.m. until it’s gone on Fridays and Saturdays at both Big Daddy’s BBQ locations. It’s $17 for an 8-ouncer with two sides, or $27 for a 16-ouncer. Photo courtesy Big Daddy's BBQ

You’ll probably need a napkin before you even visit the new Big Daddy’s BBQ restaurant in Boise.

Try not to drool as owner Hoss Grigg describes the special Tater Pigs debuting next week.

“We make our own tater tots — cheddar-cheese, bacon-stuffed tater tots,” he explains. “We’re actually wrapping little sausages in that and deep-frying them and serving them with beer cheese as appetizers.”

Oof. Ridonkulous.

“Especially when you add some Samuel Adams beer cheese or something along those lines,” Grigg agrees. “They’re stupid-good.”

Open since Sept. 27 at 10659 W. Fairview Ave., Big Daddy’s doesn’t pretend to be a dieting haven. “We’ve got lots of craft beer and lots of barbecue,” Grigg declares. Vegetarians are welcome. To watch. “Free bacon to every vegetarian every day!” jokes Grigg, who owns Big Daddy’s with his wife, Khaseta.

A rotating new “Pitmaster Features” menu — offered Wednesdays through Saturdays — will target hungry customers with slow-cooked indulgence.

Deep-Fried Pork Belly ($11) was one of the first offerings. “We smoke it, slice it, and then we panko bread it and deep fry it,” Grigg says.

pork belly.JPG
Deep-Fried Pork Belly ($11) is part of the new rotating “Pitmaster Features” menu at Big Daddy’s BBQ. Photo courtesy Big Daddy's BBQ

Or keep your eye open for the Peach-Glazed Ribeye ($24). “That particular one’s got a potato cake underneath it, which is basically twice-baked potato, breaded, deep-fried and with our housemade green beans,” Grigg says. (“Housemade” means smoked and mixed with bacon and onion, of course.)

The new food items will be offered at Big Daddy’s in Meridian, too, which has operated at 1551 W. Cherry Lane since 2015.

“The ultimate idea of the ‘Pitmaster Features’ is balancing out the menu,” Grigg says. “If I’ve got a tabletop of four or six who come in, and Gertrude decides she hates barbecue, it’s still in the wheelhouse of barbecue, but it’s not barbecue — i.e. with salads and that sort of thing. It’s a grilled item.

“It’s barbecue — elevated — I guess is the better way to approach it. And we’re going to feature some fish — some halibut and some salmon, that sort of thing, as well.”

Carnivores will still gravitate to both locations on Friday and Saturday evenings for smoked prime rib ($17/$27). Or sneak in at lunch for a Notorious P.I.G. sandwich ($12), which debuted in Meridian six months ago. It’s a toasted hoagie loaded with a 1/4-pound jalapeno cheddar link, thick-cut bacon, pulled pork, cheese sauce and sweet barbecue sauce. “That’s a good one,” Grigg admits.

The best part about having two restaurants? Extra space. The Boise location — in a former Pizza Hut building on Fairview Avenue near Five Mile Road — seats about 120 and includes a banquet room.

There’s also more room for creativity. Dreaming up all this deep-fried, cheese-slathered, bacon-smothered hedonism has to be incredibly challenging, right?

“Dude, if I actually told you where we came up with this stuff, you’d probably think poorly of me,” Grigg says, laughing again. “So I’m going to keep that to myself!”

Online: boisebbq.com.

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