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Free Sushi Day at Boise restaurant! Only strings attached were used to catch the fish

Get a free California Roll order just like this one Sept. 20 at P.F. Chang’s. It normally costs $9.50.
Get a free California Roll order just like this one Sept. 20 at P.F. Chang’s. It normally costs $9.50. P.F. Chang's

Free sushi? All day at P.F. Chang’s?

What’s the catch?

There is no catch — except the tasty one headed for your mouth Thursday.

Free Sushi Day is Sept. 20 at P.F. Chang’s locations nationwide — including 391 S. 8th St. in the BoDo district of Downtown Boise.

Just ask your server for a free California Roll or Spicy Tuna Roll between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. They normally cost $9.50 and $10.50.

You don’t have to buy a thing. “The only strings attached to this offer are the ones used to catch the fish,” according to a media release. Be aware: This delicious deal is one per person and dine-in only. But everyone at the table can take advantage of it.

This is the third year the casual Chinese food chain has reeled in bargain hunters with free sushi.

“Free Sushi Day is one of many ways we thank guests and introduce them to something new and delicious that’s great for lunch, happy hour or dinner,” Dwayne Chambers, P.F. Chang’s chief marketing officer, says. “Last year, P.F. Chang’s served nearly 93,000 sushi rolls across the country on Free Sushi Day – this year we hope to surpass 100,000.”

Reservations are not required, but don’t be shocked if you find an ocean of Idahoans. (And, hey, California transplants, too. They know their sushi, right? Heh.)

Here are four tips straight from P.F. Chang’s about Free Sushi Day:

Can’t quite get the hang of chopsticks? Don’t worry. It’s customary to eat certain types of sushi with your hands.

Take a bite of ginger between bites or between different rolls to cleanse your palate.

Speaking of bites … one bite per piece is recommended, but only if it feels right to you. Some sushi rolls may simply be too big to comfortably eat in one bite, and that’s OK, too.

Make a reservation! Head to pfchangs.com/reservations, and they’ll save you a seat. To learn more about P.F. Chang’s sushi and Free Sushi Day, guests are invited to visit freesushiday.com.

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