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Craving meat, Boise? New restaurant to be all-you-can-eat. Brazil-style. From Texas?

Texas de Brazil has meats like these every day of the year, including on Easter.
Texas de Brazil has meats like these every day of the year, including on Easter. Courtesy of Texas de Brazil

If you’re a vegetarian heading to a new restaurant chain invading Idaho, better jam some kale in your pocket.

Or maybe there will be a potted plant you can nibble by the front door.

Actually, Texas de Brazil, a new churrasco-style steakhouse coming to The Village at Meridian in early 2019, will include a stocked, colorful salad bar.

But like Tucanos Brazilian Grill near the Boise Spectrum, the concept here is unashamedly primal. Use your God-given incisors to rip and tear your way through all the skewered beef, lamb, pork, chicken and Brazilian sausage you can choke down your gullet. In, you know, an upscale setting.

Texas de Brazil was founded in Addison, Texas, in 1998. Lone Star Staters take pride in their cuisine, so the seasoned fleshes blend southern Brazilian cooking with a dash of Texas hospitality. Not to mention salt. There’s definitely salt involved.

Once you’re seated, turn a card up if you want room-stalking gauchos to fling more carnivore sustenance onto your plate. (Wait, you’re supposed to hit the salad bar first?) Turn it over if you need a pause from the meat onslaught to roll around under the table trying not to pass out. Just don’t forget to inhale some of those garlic mashed potatoes they bring you. And between-course fried bananas.

Based on other U.S. locations of the international chain, Idahoans should expect to pay around $45 for the all-you-can-devour experience, or around $25 for the salad bar alone. (An Aug. 15 email to director of marketing and public relations Hannah Thompson was not immediately returned.)

Texas de Brazil will be on the west end of The Village. A spear’s throw from burger mecca The Counter, it will transform that corner of plaza into cow-slaying nirvana.

You buying? Meat you there.

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