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Pack your bags! Boise gets hyped in 4 articles in past week. Including New York Times

When it rains, it pours, Boise.

Of course, this feels more like golf-ball-sized hail.

Less than one week after USA Today made the laughable claim that Boise is “the best-kept secret in the Pacific Northwest,” The New York Times has piled on.

Titled “36 Hours in Boise (and Beyond),“ the travel article chronicles a writer’s day and a half happily exploring our fast-growing city.

“Once a hardscrabble stop on the Oregon Trail,” the Times notes, “Idaho’s capital combines remnants of frontier charm with an appreciation of fine food, local history and Basque culture. And beyond its urban borders, nature beckons.”

This is all true.

Unlike USA Today’s borderline propaganda, The New York Times doesn’t pretend that Boise is a hidden gem. Just a gem. The piece plays things straight. It’s interesting. It’s informative. It’s part of the Times’ “36 Hours” series, which recently highlighted Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Traverse City, Michigan.

Boise food-and-drink standouts such as Bittercreek Alehouse and The Modern Hotel and Bar are mentioned. Out-of-town attractions such as Bogus Basin, the Payette River and Sawtooth Mountain Range receive play.

The New York Times makes Boise sound like an awesome place. Yep.

This media gushing has been happening for a few years. If Boise’s population explosion feels more like a fast-growing cancer than a “burgeoning” city to you, well, you’re hosed. Any Idahoan thinking the entire galaxy isn’t headed our way in a U-Haul is delusional.

It’s not just California invading Idaho. It’s every blabbermouth media outlet outside our borders.

Not even Donald Trump could claim any of it is Fake News, either.

(OK,he could. It’s The New York Times, after all.)

USA Today and the Times aren’t even the only media to pump up Boise in the past seven days. CNN just featured the Boise Whitewater Park in an article, “How to go surfing in landlocked Boise, Idaho.” And last Friday, Expedia proclaimed that Boise is one of “15 Under-the-Radar Cities You Need to Visit.” 

Under the freaking radar?

Claustrophobic Idahoans should start considering what life might be like in Traverse City, Michigan — population 15,479.

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