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New restaurant opens with Boise area's only self-serve beer wall. Better yet? Pizza costs $1

Beer at Flying Pie's new self-serve wall is grouped in categories such as IPA, lager and dark.
Beer at Flying Pie's new self-serve wall is grouped in categories such as IPA, lager and dark. Flying Pie

Nothing personal, Boise, but this new Flying Pie Pizzaria in Nampa takes the cake — er, pie.

It’s not that Canyon County’s newest restaurant is better than other Flying Pie locations. (Three in Boise and one in Meridian.)

But Nampa’s Flying Pie, which opened June 13 at 1021 12th Ave. S., has some way-cool stuff going for it.

As far as I know, it’s the only Boise restaurant with a self-serve beer wall: 28 taps of beer and cider. (Another self-serve business, Bru, plans to open soon at 132 N. Eighth St. And The Stockyard in Mountain Home has self-serve taps.) The system at Flying Pie, sold by Illinois company PourMyBeer, charges by the ounce. That way, it’s easy to sample lots of different beers. Or only buy half a pint, if you prefer.

It’s similar to the automated dispensers used by wine bar Bodovino in Boise and Meridian. You either start a tab and leave it open, or you purchase a prepaid card. Right now at Flying Pie, if you spend $20 on a prepaid beer card, you get $25 in credit.

“People are ecstatic about the beer wall,” says Flying Pie’s human resources director, Kayce Bradford.

Employees at the 75-capacity restaurant are teaching customers how to hold a glass in order to properly pour beer, she adds. “Some of them don’t know how! It’s a lot of fun.”

Flying Pie Pep Slice.jpg
They're back! The Flying Pie in Nampa sells lunch slices, such as this pepperoni pizza, for $1. Kayce Bradford Flying Pie

The Nampa restaurant also has revived a pizza tradition that many Flying Pie diehards miss from years ago: $1 lunch slices from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. There are eight different slice choices each day, and they include a $1 option and a $2 option.

“The $1 ones are like a cheese or a pepperoni or a ham and pineapple or veggie,” Bradford says. “These are all thin-crust. They’re kind of New York style. Similar to what we used to do years ago at Fairview and State Street (stores). Little bit lighter on the cheese, little bit lighter on the toppings, but still really good value.”

If you opt for a larger $2 slice, the pizza gets fancier, too. Some of the choices include PHOSGO (pepperoni, ham, onion, sausage, green peppers, olives), jalapeno popper and mesquite chicken.

Flying Pie Nampa Salad Bar.1.jpg
The Flying Pie in Nampa has an unlimited salad bar for $5.25. Kayce Bradford Flying Pie

Flying Pie’s unlimited salad bar in Nampa is also a crowd pleaser, Bradford says. It’s “all you can enjoy” for $5.25.

“It is a three-tier salad bar with over 30 toppings,” she says. “It’s a destination piece in and of itself. If you like salad bars, this one’s pretty awesome.”

Go for the lunch deal: two huge pizza slices of your choice, unlimited salad bar and a soda for $7.95.

Flying Pie in Nampa also is offering a few appetizers similar to the full-service Broadway store. Think hot wings and spinach dip.

Starting July 2, all five Flying Pie stores will start selling seasonal habanero pizzas. It’s an annual summer tradition.

Mouth on fire afterward? Better head for the beer wall, which keeps winning over new customers.

“It’s been super positive,” Bradford says.

Editor’s note: This story was updated to reflect that Flying Pie does not have the only self-serve beer wall in the state.

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