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28 self-serve taps of beer, wine? $1 slices? New Flying Pie Pizzaria is gonna rock

It’s OK to be self serving: That’s the branding from Chicago-based Pour My Beer, which will provide the self-serve taps coming to Flying Pie in Nampa.
It’s OK to be self serving: That’s the branding from Chicago-based Pour My Beer, which will provide the self-serve taps coming to Flying Pie in Nampa. PourMyBeer.com

Tired of trying to flag down a server for another drink? (Dude! Do not whistle at her!)

Don’t feel like tipping a bartender for pouring a pint? (Ya friggin’ cheapskate.)

Something new is coming to Idaho. And you’re gonna love it.

The soon-to-open Flying Pie Pizzaria in Nampa will include a self-service “beer wall” when it debuts on 12th Avenue. Actually, a beer and wine wall: 20 taps of beer and eight taps of wine, says Flying Pie human resources director Kayce Bradford. It will be the fifth location for the longtime Treasure Valley pizza purveyor. The tap technology is from Illinois company PourMyBeer.

In related news, a Downtown Boise taproom called Bru plans to open with its own wall of self-pour beers this spring at 132 N. Eighth St., according to Boise Weekly.

The way these beer walls work is simple. Customers load a special card with credit. They walk over, stick the card in the reader and serve themselves from automated taps. Want a teensy taste? Trickle out an ounce. Want half a beer? Dial up six or eight ounces. Want an entire 16-ounce pint? Fill the glass. To prevent overconsumption, a staffer is required to grant additional access after certain limits. The pour system is similar to the automated dispensers used by wine bar Bodovino in Boise and Meridian.

Best of all? Flying Pie in Nampa, which will be a counter-service restaurant, also plans to sell pizza by the slice. Just like the old days back when the pizzeria did lunch slices in Boise. Except all day long.

“That’s going to be pretty fun,” Bradford says. “We want to make ’em for a buck. That’s what our goal is. Giant, thin-crust slices for a dollar out there.”

Close your eyes, Boise. Imagine this Utopian place. Over in Nampa.

“We’ll get a lot of people cruising through there — get some slices, get some beers,” Bradford predicts.

Ya think?

Between Flying Pie and Bru, the race is on to see which restaurant gets its beer wall flowing first. Bru reportedly plans to open in April with 30 taps (and serve fast-fired pizzas, coincidentally).

Flying Pie has targeted no later than May 1, Bradford says — possibly sooner.

“It won’t be tomorrow, I promise you that,” she says. “It should be sometime in April.”

If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the specific address of Nampa’s Flying Pie, it’s because the local chain won’t say. I suspect that small detail will be revealed on Facebook. (It’s called marketing. Look, it’s on 12th Avenue close to downtown. Drive out there. You’ll probably figure it out. Just don’t tell anyone. We don’t want to get ourselves banned from the beer wall, right?)

“It’s near a couple of other pizza places, I can tell you that,” Bradford says.

Fair enough. All I can say is that Flying Pie had better be ready. Once we start self-pouring beers, we’re going to want self-service slices, too. Swipe your card, bro. I need some extra pepperoni.

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