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The most taps in Boise. New beer bar, restaurant to fill wine growlers, too

Imagine this. You’re about to open a growler bar, but you’re not really an IPA fan.

“My husband and I don’t particularly care for IPAs,” admits Lisa Copenspire-Ross, who is starting CopenRoss Growlers at 5120 W. Overland Road with her husband, Charles Ross. “So we’re not going to have, like, half our taps be IPAs.”

Bold business move. Barely any IPAs?

“There will probably be 10 taps of IPAs,” she says.

OK, when limiting IPAs still means 10, you know you’re in brewski paradise.

The plan is to pour beverages from 70 taps when CopenRoss Growlers opens near the intersection of Overland Road and Orchard Street: 50 taps for beer, 10 for wine, and 10 for cider and kombucha — and a root beer. You need to leave Boise city limits to top that. National chain Yard House has more than 100 beer taps at its Village at Meridian location.

In addition to beer growlers, CopenRoss will fill crowlers, 32-ounce aluminum cans capped on the spot. There also will be a cooler filled with craft beers not on tap, bottled sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks.

CopenRoss will fill wine growlers, too. (Yes, beer geeks, wine growlers are a thing.)


The space, which will hold about 60 customers, includes a kitchen from its former days as a pizzeria. So CopenRoss Growlers will sell pub food such as toasted sandwiches, burritos, wraps, nachos, mini tacos and salads. “And then we also have these really cool plates I got for doing a cheese-plate appetizer to go with the wine,” Copenspire-Ross adds.

Of the 50 beer taps, 35 will rotate and 15 will stay the same. If a beer is popular — particularly one that’s not widely available in Boise — CopenRoss will keep it around. “My frustration with some of the beer places that I go and get growlers filled — I’d fall in love with something and then I go back, and it’s never there,” Copenspire-Ross explains.

Six taps will be dedicated to Rants & Raves Brewery in Moscow. Normally, you don’t find that brewery’s beers in Boise. “We also talked to a couple other breweries in Post Falls that we’re trying to make arrangements with here that don’t distribute here in Boise,” she says. “... Our thought is to get some of the smaller breweries that other (bars and restaurants) don’t necessarily have.”

Copenspire-Ross hopes to open CopenRoss Growlers by March, she says, and definitely by spring. She thinks the new beer bar will fill a void in the neighborhood around Hillcrest Shopping Center.

“In that area, there’s really not a good craft brew selection,” she says. “You’ve either got to go Downtown and fight the parking, or you’ve got to drive out to Meridian. We’ve had tons of people that live around here go, ‘That’s gonna be awesome. All we have is dive bars around here.’ ”

Online: copenrossgrowlers.com.

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