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Boise is named a ‘World’s Top 10 Beer Destination’? I’ll have what he’s drinking

For the record: I love beer, and I love Boise, Idaho.

But no amount of either will convince me that our city is one of the greatest beer hangouts on the entire planet — not yet, at least.

A website about drinking culture called VinePair has named Boise one of “The World’s Top 10 Beer Destinations for 2018.”

Party time! Trouble is, when we sober up, that headline will demand further consideration. The world’s top 10 beer destinations? Boise? Hmmm. Our brewery scene is new and exciting. It’s flourishing. A handful of talented brewers have picked up major awards. But the world is a big ol’ place.

VinePair does qualify its choices. “Yes, there are obvious American beer travel destinations, like Denver, Portland, and even Asheville,” the article declares. “And there are bucket-list beercations abroad, like Belgium and Germany. But for the beer lover looking to delve a little deeper into craft beer culture, an array of less obvious cities are becoming prime destinations for beer travel.”

Hand me a brew, Fox Mulder. I want to believe. It’s a fun discussion. But even if you’re a total fanboy or fangirl of Boise’s brewery scene, can you really swallow what VinePair is pouring?

It would help if VinePair made a compelling argument for Boise. Unfortunately, like most list articles from obscure websites selling apparel, barware and glassware, this brief write-up reads like the author’s expertise is limited to cursory web searches.

This might explain why VinePair thinks Payette Brewing is based in Garden City. (Payette exited that location in 2017.) VinePair also claims that Payette’s new Boise brewery “will have a production capacity of 100,000 barrels.” (Annually, we must assume? Payette, the state’s biggest brewery, has long-term potential for larger-scale production. But it brewed 11,003 barrels in 2016 and needs economic incentive to turbocharge output.)

This article is about traveling for beer. So VinePair conveniently points out that “American Airlines launched new nonstop service from Chicago O’Hare, and Southwest now runs a nonstop flight from San Diego” — using almost the exact wording we saw last month when Boise was named one of “The Best Places to Travel in 2018” by Travel & Leisure magazine: “American Airlines has launched new nonstop service from Chicago O’Hare, while Southwest now runs a nonstop from San Diego.”

(List articles breed list articles, I guess.)

Speaking of San Diego — now that’s a world-class beer town. Maybe even top 10!

Or maybe I’m just a buzz-killing curmudgeon who needs another Idaho beer.

You buying? Make it a City of Trees IPA, please.

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