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Holy kitchen sink! This has to be the best bloody mary in Idaho

The bloody mary at Homestead Bar & Grill comes with a big ol’ celery stick. There’s a pepperoncini, green olive and cocktail onion. There’s even a tall, gnaw-worthy piece of bacon.

That’s where tradition ends at this Meridian pub.

Is that a freaking cheeseburger on top of the Mega Mary? Affirmative — a slider. And what about this warm, ballgame-worthy soft pretzel? There’s even a chicken wing roosting on top.

Why are there two plastic shot glasses hanging on the side of this bloody monstrosity?

One contains chili topped with shredded cheese. The other is a side of Coors Light.

This. Bloody. Rules.

If there is an Idaho bar serving a more obnoxiously awesome drink than Homestead, 6275 N. Linder Road, point me to it.

Crafted with two shots of Smirnoff Vodka and Meridian-made, not-too-spicy Three Bar Bloody Mary Mix, the Mega Mary comes in a 25-ounce glass. Essentially, it’s two bloody marys with a bar-food sampler impaled on it. It’s a $15 sculpture, and the entertainment value is worth every penny.

If you expected the cheeseburger slider to have a hockey puck vibe — nope. It’s juicy. The pretzel is tasty, too, and not real salty — a smart move, considering there’s salt around the rim of the drink.

Watch out when you tilt your head back for that shot of thick chili. When it falls into your throat with a plop, it’ll scorch your tonsils if you don’t let it cool off first. (I probably should have used a chunk of pretzel as a spoon.)

Soon after the Mega Mary was introduced as a weekend drink in 2016, customers demanded it be offered daily. “It was just out of control,” front-of-house manager Benjamen Hart says, “so we started doing it all the time. For the last year, I’ve been doing about 10 cases of bloody mary mix a week, and about four cases of vodka. We sell the crap out of them.”

It’s so popular that it recently spawned a sequel: The Remix. This bloody mary comes with garlic bread, a mac-and-cheese bite, a mozarella stick, a bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper, and side shots of marinara sauce and beer.

Did I mention that Homestead also has 40 beers on tap and big screens showing football?

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