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Grab Frappuccino-like blended tea and a bite at new eatery on Main Street in Meridian

Blended caramel cashew cream black teas at Potter’s Tea House in Meridian.
Blended caramel cashew cream black teas at Potter’s Tea House in Meridian. Potter’s Tea House

Even the most seasoned tea leaf reader might not have predicted Potter’s Tea House finally appearing in Meridian last weekend.

After all, it was a decade or so ago when Sage and Ashley Potter traveled from Boise to England and discovered their love of tea. “When coming back, it was kind of difficult to find a good quality cup of tea,” Ashley says. “So it just kind of motivated us to start our own shop.”

“It’s kind of been in the works for years,” she explains. “And it just finally happened.”

The married couple unveiled Potter’s on Aug. 19 at 917 N. Main St. with 100 teas: black, white, fruit, herbal. You can order a traditional cup or a flavored variety, hot or cold, ranging from $2.50 (12-ounce) to $3 (20-ounce). Unlike old-school tea rooms, Potter’s also whips up blended drinks for an extra dollar. “Think Frappuccino,” Ashley says, “but with tea.”

“We have the wall of smells, so you can pick a jar off the wall and smell it and look at it,” she says. “And then we brew it up, and then just blend it in a blender with our frappe base, which is basically a powder — it’s sweetened, it’s a milk product. And then we just add ice and blend it up and add whipped cream or sauces you want, like caramel drizzle or chocolate drizzle.”

Potter’s also serves coffee, matcha, Monin Chai, cider and hot chocolate. You can buy bulk loose leaf tea, too.

Hungry? Potter’s offers food from Zeppole Baking Co. of Boise. Grab a muffin for $2.50, a bagel for $1.50 or a brownie for $2.50.

To pass time while savoring, customers can take advantage of free Wi-Fi at the internet bar. Or they can match wits on the chess set or read books from the tea house library.

Potter’s will host live music and showcase local artists in the near future, Ashley says. There’s room for almost 90 customers indoors, and another 15 or so on the patio, she says.

But for now, the tea house is settling in and introducing downtown Meridian taste buds to the novelty of blended drinks.

“We just have a passion for it,” Ashley says. “We have fun making up different drinks. We have traditional teas, and we can make it traditionally, but we’re kind of having fun ... being able to customize any kind of tea drink.”

Hours: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Online: pottersteahouse.com and facebook.com/pottersteahouse.

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