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Boise band’s music is featured in new ‘Thor’ movie trailer from Marvel

The cloaked, hooded figures who make up Boise synthwave band Magic Sword are shrouded in mystery.

But shrouded in secrecy? Um, not so much these days. Not when their songs are in Marvel Studios movie trailers.

Magic Sword’s track “In the Face of Evil” is featured in the new trailer for “Thor: Ragnarok,” which arrives in theaters Nov. 3. Since forming in 2012, Magic Sword has nailed a handful of interesting marketing and licensing deals. But this one is mega — and mega-mainstream.

“It’s definitely the biggest thing thus far as far as cool factor,” Magic Sword keyboardist The Keeper says. “It’s comic books. It’s movies. It’s Thor. The whole thing is just awesome.”

Magic Sword creates atmospheric instrumental music. It’s meant to accompany a story told through a series of original comic books. (How amazing would it be if Marvel Comics got involved with Magic Sword’s comics?)

The Keeper first got word that “In the Face of Evil” music might be used by Marvel a couple of months ago, when a licensing agency contacted him. After signing a non-disclosure form, crafting a slight remix and working with an editor from the Hollywood side, things went silent. For weeks.

On Friday, the band suddenly got an email from Disney asking for information and providing contracts. “And so we’re like, ‘Oh, OK, maybe we did get it,’ ” The Keeper says.

The trio finally found out Saturday that the song definitely had been used. Someone on Twitter alerted The Keeper that the trailer was on YouTube.

Magic Sword is not mentioned in, or underneath, the trailer. Yet the marketing value is real. Magic Sword’s modest but enthusiastic fan base is making sure of that.

“They just kind of went crazy over it,” The Keeper says. “Everybody’s posting it and shouting us out, and I think that really helped inform other people ... .”

Magic Sword is no stranger to cross promotion. “In the Face of Evil” was included in the soundtrack to the cult video game “Hotline Miami 2.” That song and others provided the soundtrack to a GoPro video that racked up more than 13 million YouTube views. Magic Sword’s music also has invaded ads promoting Cartoon Network’s “Mighty Magiswords” series.

There’s been no indication that Magic Sword’s music might be used in another “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer. Or in the movie itself.

But stranger things have happened.

“One thing I have learned about this whole process is that it seems like the television and film industries like to do everything super last-minute,” The Keeper says. “Who knows? They may call me the day before they finish editing the film and be, ‘Hey, we want to throw it in there.’ I’d love to be involved in more than one way.”

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