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Rapper Lil Wayne ends concert, walks off stage in Garden City

Southern hip-hop act Lil Wayne, 34, has won five Grammy Awards.
Southern hip-hop act Lil Wayne, 34, has won five Grammy Awards. AP

Unless it’s the sound of handcuffs, something about Lil Wayne and Idaho just doesn’t click.

The rapper, who was arrested after a Boise performance in 2007, walked off the stage Sunday night at the Revolution Center in Garden City after a fan threw a water bottle at him.

“Show over, man!” a member of Lil Wayne’s entourage told the crowd. This was moments after Lil Wayne instructed his crew — aka “goon squad” — to “Throw all this s--- back at” the audience.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight — about 70 minutes into the set, according to Revolution Center owner Creston Thornton. After heading to the side of the stage, Lil Wayne then reconsidered and was ready to go back on, Thornton added.

But then another water bottle came flying at him, Thornton said, and Lil Wayne decided to call it a night. The concert ended about three songs earlier than it normally would have, Thornton said.

“It was a great show, actually, and very professional — the crew and everybody,” he said. “Some idiot ruins it for everybody.”

Warning: profanity


Lil Wayne never coming back to Idaho!

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Thornton doesn’t think the way the night ended will prevent Lil Wayne from returning.

“We’ll try to get him back,” Thornton said.

When things last went sideways for Lil Wayne in Idaho, it was because of a felony fugitive charge issued in Georgia. While on tour, he was arrested after his concert at Qwest Arena — now CenturyLink Arena — and taken to Ada County Jail.

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