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Lake Street Dive plunges into Boise for a Monday concert

Don’t be trippin’ if you can’t categorize LSD. Lake Street Dive’s sound is tough to pin down. Soul, jazz, pop, R&B? And what’s up with this amazing singer, Rachael Price? You can tell that the woman loves being on stage, where she unleashes a massive voice that evokes greats ranging from Carole King to Amy Winehouse. The name of Lake Street Dive’s latest album, “Side Pony,” sort of sums up the band’s odd yet rockin’ demeanor. “When we were settling on the album title, that one just stuck out to us as embodying the band’s spirit,” bassist Bridget Kearney says. “We’ve always been this somewhat uncategorizable, weird, outlying, genre-less band. That’s the statement we wanted to make with this record: Be yourself.” It works.

8 p.m. Monday, March 13, Knitting Factory, 416 S. 9th St., Boise. $20. TicketWeb. $23 day of show. Opening: Joey Dosik.