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New ice cream shop with beer, wine infusions? Kid, vegan, wacky flavors? Mmmm

Flavors at The STIL will be named after various “Sweetest Things in Life” and feature several rotating original flavors.
Flavors at The STIL will be named after various “Sweetest Things in Life” and feature several rotating original flavors.

Listening to Kasey Allen describe head-tilting flavors at soon-to-open Downtown ice cream parlor The STIL, you realize that he’s ending each description the same way.

“It’s really good!” Allen says.

Wine-infused ice cream? Vegan ice cream? A flight of craft beer and ice cream? Orange Crush and Fruity Pebbles ice cream?

Allen and co-owner Dan Sell have spent hours experimenting with flavors, he says.

“We’ve made one or two that haven’t been as good as we have hoped,” Allen admits with a laugh. “But at the end of the day, it’s ice cream! Ice cream is milk and cream and sugar. It still tastes good!”

That’s the method to the creative madness at The STIL, short for The Sweetest Things In Life. The artisanal ice cream shop is targeting a June opening at 786 W. Broad St. It will be between Caffe D’arte and Edwards 9 Cinemas, taking over the Snake River Winery space.

The STIL will serve cold deliciousness in the form of scoops, shakes and floats. Customers will have the option to pair them with beer, wine or espresso. Some flavors already include those ingredients.

In beer-and-wine crazy Boise, it’s not such a reach. I paired Girl Scout Cookies with peanut butter stout at home last weekend. This seems right in my wheelhouse.

“There will be some wine sorbets, beer ice cream, even some bourbon reduction mixed in,” Allen says. “So you can get, like, a honey bourbon ice cream of something, as an example. But in addition to that, we are going to serve some local and regional beers and wines to complement the ice cream. You could get a flight of three or four beers with three or four half scoops of ice cream, for example. Or beer floats, port shakes — dessert wine shakes.”

The STIL’s menu will be divided into six categories.

▪ The Usual: Chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, etc.

▪ The Unusual: Mexican chocolate or cookie dough peanut butter, for example. “Mascarpone and balsamic fig, that’s a flavor,” Allen adds. “We also have sweet tea ice cream.”

▪ The Kitchen: Inspired by baked goods. Think huckleberry cobbler or fudge brownie ice cream.

▪ The Bar: Alcohol-related flavors. Check out the baseball-themed Field of Dreams: “It’s like a butterscotch-base ice cream, and then we incorporate amber ale and Cracker Jacks,” Allen says.

▪ The Garden: Non-dairy and vegan options. “Avocado lime, cucumber mint — flavors like that,” he says.

▪ The Lab: “The lab is for our wacky experiments,” Allen says. “We want to invite people to come up with ideas and submit those ideas and kind of test them out.” Orange Crush/Fruity Pebbles action, for example.

Pairing alcohol with ice cream probably will create a buzz Downtown in more ways than one. But Allen thinks The STIL’s business model will be decidedly all-ages. It could be a popular destination after a Little League game, or for desserts and drinks after dinner and a movie.

“We’ll kind of see what happens,” Allen says, “but our primary focus is really on being an artisan ice cream shop that’s family-friendly.”