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10 definitive Gem State songs: New ‘Idaho’ pop single tops 1 million views

Bryan and Missy Lanning, stars of the YouTube video blog “Daily Bumps.”
Bryan and Missy Lanning, stars of the YouTube video blog “Daily Bumps.” YouTube

Something special about our state makes musicians want to sing about it. The latest example? “Idaho,” a new single and video from social-media celebrity Bryan Lanning.

Lanning, who grew up in Emmett and attended Boise State, isn’t primarily known as a musician. He and his wife, Missy, are California family vloggers who star in the YouTube channel “Daily Bumps.” It has more than 1.3 billion views and 2.1 million subscribers.

(Who knew, right?)

Lanning is using the platform to kick-start a music career. His album, “Us,” was released Jan. 20.

“Idaho” has racked up more than a million YouTube views in under three months. Our state’s population is around 1.6 million. Obviously, a few of you still haven’t clicked.

How many other Gem State songs can you think of? Let’s reboot a roundup I did in 2012.

Update: Thanks to reader suggestions, I’ve added a couple more. Bing Crosby and Judy Garland singing “Boise, Idaho,” is freaking awesome.

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▪  That’s the year indie-rock band Delta Spirit released a song called “Idaho” on its self-titled debut album.

▪  The B-52’s famously shouted about their own “Private Idaho.”

▪  Train’s 1998 self-titled debut album includes a song called “Idaho.”

▪  Despite never having been here, British singer Nerina Pallot sang longingly of “Idaho” in 2005 — and got lots of airplay on 94.9 The River.

▪  Lynyrd Skynyrd claimed to have a grand ol’ time in Boise, Idaho, on the classic-rock staple “What’s Your Name?”

▪  In 1994, Built To Spill made residents of the 8th-largest city in Idaho wonder if they should consider escaping “Twin Falls.”

▪  Moscow native Josh Ritter captured the essence of home by singing about wolves and “Idaho.”

▪  Jewel performed a silly, endearing “No Z in Boise” ditty at the Idaho Botanical Garden’s Outlaw Field several summers ago.

▪  Texas-via-Idaho country band Reckless Kelly released a track about heading back to “Idaho” in 2013.

▪  Bluegrass act Yonder Mountain String Band definitely loves the scenery in “Idaho.”

▪  Thanks to a reader for pointing out the star power of Bing Crosby and Judy Garland singing “Boise, Idaho” (skip to the 3:20 mark) — even if they pronounce it “Boy-zee.”

▪  There’s even a band called Idaho. From Los Angeles, naturally. Reportedly, they gigged in Moscow in ’93, but they never, ever play Boise — even if the title of their 2011 CD, “You Were a D**k, “ suggests I must have reviewed them at some point.

So what’s the top Idaho song? (By the way, I guarantee this list is missing a few.)

My vote goes to Ritter’s stark, haunting performance.