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Later, haters! 10 Barrel brewpub will live on despite legal challenge

10 Barrel Brewing Co. is located at 826 W. Bannock St. in Boise.
10 Barrel Brewing Co. is located at 826 W. Bannock St. in Boise. Statesman file photo

Feel free to raise a toast if you enjoy hanging out at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. in Downtown Boise. Then duck, because a craft beer purist might be throwing a bottle cap at you.

Most Boiseans (me included) had forgotten about the legal drama, but a district court recently ruled in favor of 10 Barrel after a challenge from the Idaho Beer and Wine Distributors Association. (“Recently” being, uh, several weeks ago. Sorry. Like I said, I’d forgotten about it.)

Shortly after the Bend, Ore.-based company announced it was being purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2014, Gem State distributors raised a fuss. They posited that 10 Barrel no longer qualified as a small brewery because, between 10 Barrel’s multiple locations — not to mention Anheuser-Busch’s huge output — it produced more than 30,000 barrels annually. Consequently, they argued, according to Idaho statute, 10 Barrel shouldn’t be able to operate its Boise brewpub.

Nope. The pub stays open. The Joe IPA keeps flowing.

I’m not taking sides here. But I do love me some Joe.

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