Idaho City icon Donna’s Place changes hands after 23 years; things will stay the same

The Idaho City landmark business Donna’s Place now has new owners.
The Idaho City landmark business Donna’s Place now has new owners.

The venerable Idaho City diner and grocery store Donna’s Place, 200 Main St., has new owners. Doug and Shelly Pottenger recently purchased the place from Skip and Donna Myers.

“I guess I wanted to work hard for long hours,” Doug Pottenger, quipped. “Naw, we like Idaho City and were looking for a business to buy, and then eventually move here.”

Currently, the Pottengers own All About Safe Driving, a drivers education company that operates in the Treasure Valley. They plan to maintain the school and transition to Idaho City full time over the next couple of years.

The business will remain open for its regular hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the transition.

Pottenter says nothing dramatic will change at the business, which will now be called just Donna’s. They might carry a few more or different items in the store, “more like a convenience store,” Pottenger says, and extend its hours. They plan to keep the current employees, including the cooks, so the menu won’t change much either.

“We really want to work with the local people and find out what they need,” he says. “This is our way of keeping the legacy of Donna’s going. It’s been a part of Idaho City’s history for a long time. That’s why we kept the name.”

The Myers opened Donna’s Place in 1993, and rebuilt it after fires in 2004, 2010. They will continue to own and operate the other Donna’s Place in Placerville, 110 Granite St.