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State board approves new $44 million marketing deal between Boise State, Learfield

The huge weight room at the Bleymaier Football Center has its own patch of blue turf in the center.
The huge weight room at the Bleymaier Football Center has its own patch of blue turf in the center.

Learfield Sports Marketing will pay Boise State more than $44 million for its sports multi-media and marketing rights through 2025, according to a new contract. The Idaho State Board of Education approved the deal Thursday.

The new agreement covers July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2025.

The original contract between Boise State and Learfield began in 2010 and ran for seven years. Boise State has exercised its three one-year options in that agreement to push it into 2020 and now the sides have extended it to 2025. The payouts have been increased in every year of the deal from the original contract.

The money Boise State receives from Albertsons for the naming rights to Albertsons Stadium (formerly Bronco Stadium) is not included in this contract. The money is in addition to this contract.

Boise State has a chance to earn additional money from Learfield based on total revenue amounts.

Learfield Sports Marketing is a subsidiary of Learfield Communications. In the Boise market, the group is known as Bronco Sports Properties.

"We are very appreciative of the partnership we have with Learfield Sports Marketing and the effect this extension will have regarding our long terms goals within the athletic department," Athletic Director Mark Coyle said in a statement. "The over $40 million in guaranteed revenue from this new agreement will help us continue to provide a first-class experience for our student-athletes."

Guaranteed payment from Learfield to Boise State

2013-14: $2,410,000

2014-15: $2,735,000

2015-16: $2,860,000

2016-17: $2,935,000

2017-18: $3,300,000

2018-19: $4,150,000 (includes long-term contract bonus of $750,000 up from $500,000 in original contract)

2019-20: $3,500,000

2020-21: $3,700,000

2021-22: $3,900,000

2022-23: $4,100,000

2023-24: $4,300,000

2024-25: $4,500,000

Learfield will also give Boise State $1,668,000 in capital stipend money over the course of the contract.

Boise State can also earn bonuses for: appearing in a College Football Playoff series access bowl ($100,000), a College Football Playoff game ($200,000), winning the College Football Championship Game ($300,000); making the Final Four in the NCAA men's basketball tournament ($100,000).