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Upgrade from a mosh pit

Attendees of this year's Kentucky Derby and Oaks who spend their time in the infield of Churchill Downs can enjoy the section's revelry with an exclusive bar, nicer portable toilets and a Top Chef demonstration — if they are willing to spare some extra bucks.

Churchill Downs has created the Infield Club for infielders who might want a few more perks in the infamous party area.

Officials created the club because there was a demand from people who wanted to be a part of the Derby but couldn't gain access to box seats, Kentucky Derby and Oaks spokesman Darren Rogers said.

The Infield Club "is a middle ground between the free-for-all of the infield and the exclusivity of the Jockey Suites," Rogers said.

The Infield Club comes with an executive price tag. Tickets were $50 a person for the Oaks and are $150 a person for the Derby. Visitors could buy two-day ticket packages for $175.

General admission is $40 on Derby Day.

The Infield Club, which is 43,000 square feet, will provide guests with access to a variety of features, including a disc jockey, sports bar-style food and limited shaded seating.

"It will be replicating the experience of being in a bar paired with the excitement of being at the track," Rogers said.

One of the biggest draws of the area will be the "executive" portable restrooms, which are a step up from the ones usually available, Rogers said.

"There is even a sink in there," he said.

The Infield Club also will host Top Chef: The Tour, a version of the hit Bravo channel competitive-cooking reality show, Churchill Downs officials said. Chefs who have appeared on the show will host eight interactive shows that will include cooking demonstrations and food tasting.

Footage from the Top Chef stop was to be included in an hourlong show on Bravo called Ladies First: Bravo at the Kentucky Derby, which was to air Friday.