Varsity Extra

Far West Regionals: Monday’s Idaho scores and Tuesday’s schedule


Monday’s scores

U12: Boise Nationals Bayern Black 4, Fairbanks Rush 0

U13: Total Futbol Academy (SoCal) 2, Boise Nationals Galaxy 0

U14: Boise Nationals Madrid 4, Alum Rock Scorpions (NorCal) 2

U15: La Roca South Premier (Utah) 1, Boise Nationals Arsenal 0

U16: Boise Nationals Inter 3, La Roca TJ (Utah) 3

U17: Boise Nationals Liverpool 3, LV Neon FC Academy (Nev.) 2

U18: BYSL Ballistic 2, FC Milpitas Elite (NorCal) 2

U19: Rio Rapids SC Reds (N.M.) 1, Boise Nationals Premier 0

Tuesday’s schedule

U12: BNSC Bayern Black vs. Real Salt Lake Academy, 9:30 a.m., Field 15

U13: BNSC Galaxy vs. Westside Timbers Copa (Ore.), 9:30 a.m., Field 5A

U14: BNSC Madrid vs. West Coast FC Armour (SoCal), 3:30 p.m., Field 5

U15: BNSC Arsenal vs. Crossfire Premier (Wash), 11:30 a.m., Field 11

U16: BNSC Inter vs. USA Premier (Utah), 9:45 a.m., Field 2

U17: BNSC Liverpool vs. South San Jose PAC Indios (NorCal), 9:45 a.m., Field 14

U18: BYSL Ballistic vs. LVSA Red (Nev.), 8 a.m., Field 1

U19: BNSC Premier vs. Santa Clara Sporting Green (NorCal), 8 a.m., Field 20


Monday’s scores

U12: Legends FC (SoCal) 5, Idaho Rush Blue 0

U13: Seattle United Copa 2, FC Nova Pink 0

U14: FC Nova 3, San Tan Legacy Red (Ariz.) 0

U15: Crossfire Premier (Wash.) 4, Boise Nationals Premier 0

U16: Legends FC (SoCal) 6, Boise National Premier 0

U17: FC Nova 0, LV Neon Academy (Nev.) 0

U18: Coeur d’Alene Sting Premier 4, So Cal Blues Dido 1

U18: L.A. Galaxy SB Elite (SoCal) 2, Boise Nationals Premier 1

Tuesday’s schedule

U12: Idaho Rush Blue vs. Sparta Premier KL (Utah), 11 a.m., Field 15A

U13: FC Nova Pink vs. La Roca Premier FD (Utah), 12:30 p.m., Field 5A

U14: FC Nova vs. Beach Black (SoCal), 3:30 p.m., Field 15

U15: BNSC Premier vs. Palo Alto Blue (NorCal), 11:30 a.m., Field 10

U16: BNSC Premier vs. Pride Predators (Colo.), 8 a.m., Field 11

U17: FC Nova vs. West Coast Wild (NorCal), 8 a.m., Field 19

U18: CDA Sting Premier vs. NW Nationals Red (Wash.), 1:15 p.m., Field 12

U18: BNSC Premier vs. Eastside FC Red (Wash.), 1:15 p.m., Field 17

U19: FC Nova vs. FRAM (SoCal), 3 p.m., Field 13


U-19 girls: Nova-Nationals vs. Fram, 3 p.m., Field 13

The Boise Nationals and Meridian-based FC Nova combined forces this year to field an all-star lineup at the U-19 girls level. The last time the two clubs joined, they lost 4-3 in the regional final in double overtime, tying Idaho’s best showing in regional tournament history.

The Nova-Nationals start their three-team group play against FRAM of Southern California, which routed OVC Vejar of Southern California 7-0 on Monday.