Bronco Beat

What college football program wins the most for its money? Boise State

Even as the Boise State football facilities have increased, the Broncos are still the best buy in college football, according to an SB Nation story.

The report analyzed which schools are the most efficient at turning dollars into wins, and Boise State was far and away No. 1. Using each school’s football budget, along with its Massey composite ranking, they found the Broncos spent an average of $7.8 million, outplaying their spending ranking by nearly 63 spots.

By contrast, Syracuse (where former Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle is now AD) spent an average of $18.2 million with three bowl appearances in the 2006-15 timeframe the research looks at.

Boise State’s efficiency prompted a solid tweet from SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey.