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Boise State football’s Lucero pleads guilty to lesser charge in strangulation case

Boise State redshirt freshman tight end David Lucero reached a plea deal Friday on his felony attempted strangulation charge, according to court records.

Lucero pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery. He received a withheld judgment, which means the conviction could be removed at a later date. He received two years of probation.

Lucero was sentenced to two days in jail (already served), fined $357.50, ordered to attend 32 hours of anger management classes (already completed) and ordered to attend 32 hours of alcohol/DUI education.

He received a no-contact order through Dec. 18, 2017, for his victim, who is a fellow Boise State student-athlete with whom he had a dating relationship. The Idaho Statesman is not identifying the victim.

Lucero was suspended indefinitely from the football team when he was arrested last month. If he had been convicted of a felony, he would have been ineligible to compete in athletics at Idaho public universities under state rules.

Boise State didn’t immediately respond to a request for an update on Lucero’s status with the team.

At his arraignment Nov. 18, the prosecutor told Judge Michael Oths that the victim accused Lucero of grabbing her neck and applying pressure at a seven on a 1-10 scale.

She and Lucero had been dating for up to a year, Lucero’s attorney, Jon Cox, told the judge.

Bond was set at $25,000 and the judge ordered Lucero not to make contact with the woman. The state had asked for a $250,000 bond. Lucero posted bond and was released from jail less than an hour after the arraignment.

Lucero was arrested Nov. 17; the incident occurred Nov. 16.

According to the prosecutor, a neighbor heard the woman yelling “stop” and “help” and called police.

“That led the neighbor to believe someone inside was going to kill the other person,” the prosecutor said at the arraignment.

The victim was crying, had red marks on her neck and had a hoarse voice when police arrived.

A roommate was interviewed, the prosecutor said, and reported that Lucero “was in a rage and had to be physically restrained from attacking the victim as well as destroying property in the room.”

“The defendant denied physically grabbing the neck of the victim,” the prosecutor said, “but did admit to destroying property and consuming alcohol.”

Cox told the judge that Lucero left his residence but returned when he was told the Boise Police wanted to talk to him. The police left without making an arrest. They arrested Lucero later in the day at Boise State, Cox said.

Lucero, a redshirt freshman, has appeared in nine games this season. He has four catches for 63 yards as the fifth man in the tight end rotation.