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Boise State defense report: Broncos hope to avoid more costly breakdowns

Each week, we’ll take a look at the Boise State football team’s offense and defense in separate posts. Here is the offense post from Wednesday.

Looking back: New Mexico’s 31-24 win was fueled by four offensive plays that accounted for 54 percent of its yardage total and led to all four touchdowns: a 74-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, a 40-yard run that set up a touchdown in the second quarter, an 81-yard pass play that set up a touchdown in the fourth quarter (on second-and-17, no less) and a 30-yard pass play that set up another touchdown in the fourth quarter (on first-and-15).

The Broncos talked all week about how they needed to stay disciplined in their assignments against the Lobos’ tricky offense and yet they let a receiver get wide open for the 81-yarder and defenders relaxed momentarily on the 74-yard run anticipating a tackle.

That discipline will be tested in the same way by Air Force.

“The down point for me that I’m going to harp on with the guys is with everything that happened in the game ... it was the fourth quarter and 17-17,” defensive coordinator Marcel Yates said. “On second-and-17, we gave up an 81-yard pass. That, to me, was where I thought we could have done our part on our side of the football. Second-and-long and we gave up an 81-yard pass. That is not acceptable for our defense, and it comes back to me.”

Looking forward: Air Force runs a similar, option-based offense to what the Broncos saw last week. The Falcons have had less offensive success against the Broncos than New Mexico has but they did beat Boise State last year. In that game, the Falcons rushed for 287 yards (4.8 per carry) and gained 335 total yards.

Quarterback Karson Roberts is playing well and has given the Falcons a true dual threat. His efficiency rating is 149.74, which is higher than Brett Rypien’s.

“It’s intriguing because they test your eyes, they test your technique, they test your discipline,” senior cornerback Donte Deayon said.

Player to watch: Deayon hopes to make an appearance on Senior Day. He had surgery to repair a lateral meniscus after the Utah State game in mid-October. He hasn’t played since, missing three games.

The injury had bothered him all season, he said.

“It finally came to the boiling point,” Deayon said. “We managed it well. The training staff did a great job of keeping me healthy all year. It got to the point where I had to get it done.”

He anticipates a “special” evening on Friday.

“It’s special — the Blue — it might be my last game on it,” he said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”





Scoring (FBS rank)

38.3 (19)

34.1 (35)

Total offense

498.8 (15)

454.5 (31)


177.0 (60)

332.8 (3)


321.8 (16)

190.0 (T-26)

Turnovers lost

20 (103)

13 (34)

3rd-down conversion

40.4 (57)

46.0 (20)





Scoring (FBS rank)

19.6 (22)

19.8 (26)

Total defense

302.4 (11)

305.6 (12)


94.6 (4)

115.6 (16)


207.8 (45)

190.0 (T-26)

Turnovers gained

22 (8)

15 (71)

3rd-down conversion

31.2 (13)

35.5 (40)