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BSU safety on facing Petersen: ‘I’m more excited for this game than any other one’

Boise State seniors Darian Thompson and Rees Odhiambo met with the media Wednesday. Here are some highlights from their session:

– Odhiambo on the Washington game on Sept. 4: “To me it’s going to be exciting. It should be a lot of fun for us to go against someone you know so much about.”

– Thompson on the Washington game: “It’s going to be exciting for both sides. Having coach (Chris) Petersen come back to Boise and go against all the fans that used to love him. It should be quite interesting. I know we’ll be ready for the game. I know what type of coach he is so I’m sure they’ll be ready.”

– Thompson has spoken to Washington running backs coach Keith Bhonapha as recently as a couple weeks ago. Bhonapha recruited him. “As it gets closer, it gets more awkward,” Thompson said. “I probably don’t plan on talking to him till after the game.”

– Thompson: “It’s definitely going to be different. I didn’t plan on ever having this game. But it’s here and I think I’m more excited for this game than any other one.”

– Thompson on Petersen telling the team he was leaving in December 2013: “He was very emotional. You could tell it was a hard thing for him to do to leave, not only because of the success he’s had but because of the relationships he’s built with the players. He was emotional. He couldn’t really say that much.”

– Thompson: “There’s a good portion of the team that’s connected to that coaching staff. They’re the reason we came to Boise State. If anything, it’s going to fuel the fire to want to go out there and win – especially at home in front of our crowd. It’s a regular game, a win or a loss, but when it comes to the emotional side I think there’s a little more added to it.”

– Odhiambo missed almost all of spring practice because of class conflicts.

– Thompson on QB Ryan Finley: “I definitely see an improvement in him. I feel as if he’s become more confident taking snaps and running the offense. He’s making better decisions now. That just comes with experience and snaps. Obviously he had a little mess-up (with an arrest) but that’s something that probably in the long run will work out for the best because it humbles him and lets him understand to be a leader you have to make sacrifices. He’s bounced back fine.”

– Odhiambo said the offensive line struggled to get on the same page early last season. “Around the BYU game was when we started meshing well. From then, we just took off.”

– Odhiambo on who has impressed him: “(Tailback) Jeremy (McNichols) has gotten a lot better.”

– Thompson on who has impressed him: “I’d have to say (safety) Chance James. Coming back from another knee injury, he’s getting back in the groove of things.”

– Thompson requested a draft grade after last season. The response is either first round, second round or stay in school. He was told to stay in school. “If I would have gotten a second-round grade, that’s not saying I would have went. I wanted to be knowledgeable about the situation. It wasn’t disappointing. I was just wondering. ... I’m excited to get my degree. I’m excited to be back.”

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