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Bleymaier on Apsey: ‘He’s going to be great’

New Boise State Athletic Director Curt Apsey joined the Broncos’ program in 1998 under former Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier.

The two worked closely together for 13 years before Bleymaier was fired in 2011 in the wake of NCAA violations.

Bleymaier, now the athletic director at San Jose State, said his friend has all the qualities he needs to succeed at Boise State.

“Passion, dedication and enthusiasm – he’s got all of those,” Bleymaier told the Idaho Statesman. “He’s going to be great.”

Bleymaier hired Apsey to provide a spark in the program’s development efforts. His projects included construction of the Caven-Williams Sports Complex, Stueckle Sky Center, Arguinchona Basketball Complex and Bleymaier Football Center.

“His people skills were second to none,” Bleymaier said. “... He’s easy to like. You like to be around Curt.”

Bleymaier said he was “thrilled” when he learned that Apsey would succeed Mark Coyle, who is leaving for a job at Syracuse.

Apsey returns after less than a year as the athletic director at Carroll College.

“He’s been wanting to be an athletic director for a long time and he’s been ready for a long time,” Bleymaier said. “He was just waiting for the right situation to open up.”

A few other leftover quotes from Tuesday’s announcement:

– Apsey provided oversight for men’s and women’s golf and women’s soccer at the time of the Broncos’ NCAA violations. None of those sports were involved. “That’s a pretty good sign right there that somebody is taking care of business,” President Bob Kustra said.

– Kustra on Apsey’s commitment: “I honestly believe we’re getting a Bronco who’s coming home and is going to stay here until he retires from the job, whenever that is.”

– Kustra on Coyle’s departure after less than four years: “He’s made some really great contributions to the program. I’ve enjoyed working with him. ... There’s a lot of people in this room who are disappointed that he didn’t stay longer, and I gave him a little trouble about that, which is my job to convince an AD to hang in there.”

– Apsey wasn’t sure what his future would be with the Broncos when Coyle arrived. Apsey had been Bleymaier’s top assistant and the interim athletic director. He figured the new athletic director might be uncomfortable keeping him. “But (Coyle) was just unbelievable,” Apsey said. “He pulled me in right away and made me feel like I was part of the team from day one, and I just can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. And he probably helped me be the kind of person that I am now.”

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