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Kellen Moore re-signs with Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions quarterback Kellen Moore is trying to make the roster for the third consecutive season.
Detroit Lions quarterback Kellen Moore is trying to make the roster for the third consecutive season. AP

Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore has re-signed with the Detroit Lions for two more years, the team announced Friday. He has spent three years as the third-string quarterback. The Lions’ top two quarterbacks – Matthew Stafford and Dan Orlovsky – also are returning.

Moore was a restricted free agent this offseason. According to the Lions’ website, the coaching staff was pleased with the chemistry in the quarterback room and wanted to keep the trio together.

Moore’s deal was finalized more than a week ago, he said. NFL free agents can begin talking to teams Saturday.

“Our ideal thing was if we can go back to Detroit, that would be awesome if the situation was good,” said Moore, who is in Boise for the offseason with his wife and 7-month-old son. “Certainly we felt like it was. We’re really excited we didn’t have to deal with the free agency aspect of things. ... It will be the same (quarterback) room for us in Detroit. The same coaches. We really had a lot of fun last year. That’s really important.”

Moore was 50-3 as the Broncos’ starting quarterback from 2008 to 2011. The Lions signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2012 and kept him on the roster despite a trend toward teams only keeping two quarterbacks.

He has retained his spot despite a coaching change in 2014. He has played well in the preseason, particularly last year, but hasn’t appeared in a regular-season game.

He led Lions quarterbacks last preseason in passing yards (361), yards per attempt (7.1), touchdowns (three) and rating (108.4). He did not throw an interception and completed 35 of 51 passes.

He also played well during the 2013 preseason (99.4 rating, four TDs).

He would have been an unrestricted free agent if he hadn’t signed with the Lions because the team had decided not to offer him the type of contract required to have matching rights.

“We’ve been very fortunate to be in Detroit for three years,” Moore said. “We love it there. We have our routine. We’ve kind of gotten to know people outside of football and know the area. We just have such a routine there.”

He said he has improved through three years in Detroit and isn’t getting impatient about not playing.

“I’m in a really good situation,” he said. “The biggest thing is you want to be around good people and you want to have fun doing this. Certainly we do that in Detroit. Everyone wants to play but you want to be in good situations. I’ve learned a ton from those guys. We have a really good starter in Matthew there. It’s fun to watch him play. It’s fun to help out during the season.”