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Boise State football season-ticket sales down 7 percent again

The Boise State Broncos enter Bronco Stadium before the game against UT Martin in Boise, Idaho. Saturday September 7, 2013
The Boise State Broncos enter Bronco Stadium before the game against UT Martin in Boise, Idaho. Saturday September 7, 2013

The Boise State football program likely will experience a significant drop in season-ticket sales for the second straight year.

That hasn’t happened since the Idaho Statesman began tracking sales in 1998.

Boise State has sold 20,250 season tickets for 2014. That’s a 7.4 percent drop from this time last year, when the school had sold 21,879.

New coach Bryan Harsin, who traveled the state in the spring to drum up support for his program, has taken note of the trend.

“You want to see that turn around,” he said. “That’s very important to us. That was part of getting out in the community as well, to build relationships, to answer questions, to have people come back and have more of a connection to our program. We’ll continue to do that. I think that will show up.

“I know Bronco Nation. I know that they’ll show up. They’ll be out there Sept. 6, I fully anticipate that. We’ll have a packed house when Colorado State comes rolling in. We have one of the best venues in college football. We have one of the best fan bases in college football. And that needs to show each and every game.”

Boise State finished with 22,416 season tickets last year — a 7 percent drop from 2012.

The overall attendance drop last year was 3 percent. The season-ticket drop was offset somewhat by some ticket deals offered in certain sections for certain games. It was the first attendance drop since 2007, which also was the last time the Broncos lost more than two games.

Season tickets remain on sale. Individual-game tickets go on sale to the general public Aug. 18.

Here’s how Boise State has fared in season-ticket sales and average attendance since 1998:

Year SsnTix Attend. W-L

1998 11,384 23,641 6-5

1999 11,537 22,979 10-3*

2000 12,924 26,493 10-2*

2001 12,183 23,831 8-4

2002 12,678 27,533 12-1*

2003 14,199 28,098 13-1*

2004 17,537 30,499 11-1*

2005 19,467 30,048 9-4*

2006 19,494 30,453 13-0*

2007 20,904 30,338 10-3

2008 22,380 32,275 12-1*

2009 21,767 32,782 14-0*

2010 22,994 33,268 12-1*

2011 24,020 34,018 12-1

2012 24,109 35,404 11-2*

2013 22,416 34,366 8-5

*won conference championship

A couple other notes on tickets:

— Boise State’s athletic department ticket revenue increased by 0.15 percent last year. The department budgeted for a 7.4 percent decrease this year.

— Boise State has sold or returned all of its tickets to road games.

— There is a Groupon deal available for tickets to the Boise State-Ole Miss game in Atlanta, a Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. Tickets start at $45 in the lower level. Boise State sold about 1,800 tickets to the game at about $80 each. Boise State did not have a ticket requirement. It will receive $1.1 million for playing in the game (a $200,000 increase over the original deal to play at Ole Miss in 2011). Boise State received a school-record payout of $1.4 million for the 2011 Chick-fil-A game against Georgia and sent about 7,500 fans. Boise State also gets a $50,000 donation to its general scholarship fund for each Chick-fil-A appearance.

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