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Bronco All Access XI: 'Being smart and doing well in school is a cool thing'

The Boise State football program is producing a series of behind-the-scenes videos called Bronco All Access. You can watch Episode XI above and previous episodes below. I’ll add each episode to this file as they are released.

Episode XI focuses on the Broncos' academic efforts.

"Being smart and doing well in school is a cool thing," said Gabe Rosenvall, assistant athletic director for academic services.

Episode X focuses on the Broncos' efforts to improve their speed. Assistant strength and conditioning coach Lee Marks, a former Boise State tailback, leads the program.

Episode IX features practice sound from coordinators Mike Sanford and Marcel Yates.

Episode VIII is a preview of the BSU Blitz.

Episode VII features quarterback Grant Hedrick and safety Darian Thompson wearing GoPro cameras during a practice. The cameras provide a cool look at what they see.

Episode VI includes highlights from last week's scrimmage and from last season. It also includes players making a pitch to fans to turn out for the Spring Game on Saturday.

"Bronco Nation, let's bring it, baby," safety Dillon Lukehart says.

"We'll put on a show for you," defensive tackle Justin Taimatuia says.

The motivational speaker used for part of the episode is former NBA player Walter Bond. He did not speak to the team but the school has used his message in a hype video.

Episode V focuses on the competition drill in practice, which the Broncos have been doing for years now. Competitions include pushing weighted sleds, tug-of-war, races, role reversals (offense on defense; defense on offense) and other quirky events.

"I really like that part of practice," offensive coordinator Mike Sanford says. "It's the first time I've been a part of having non-football-related competitions ... right in the middle of practice. ...

"We're always competing for something."

Episode IV focuses on the return to workouts Monday after spring break. “It is back to business,” defensive end Beau Martin says.

Episode III goes inside the position meeting rooms.

Episode II shows scenes from the first week of spring practice. “We’re all family here,” sophomore defensive end Kamalei Correa says.

Episode I focuses on the winter conditioning program led by strength and conditioning coach Jeff Pitman. “This group of young men has probably been the best in 20 years I’ve had in terms of accepting what was ahead of them and really trying to learn how to do it and to do it with a smile on their face — and it wasn’t easy,” Pitman says in the video. “It’s never gonna be easy. But honestly, the group of young men, they’re hungry to get back on top because that’s just how it is at Boise State football. You’re on top.”

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