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Belts, maces, chains, trash cans — college football’s prop proliferation includes BSU

Who needs to wait until the end of the season to get an award when you can get one in-game?

Boise State’s turnover belt, which was introduced during spring practices after the drought that was 2016, is just one of a handful of sideline props that have popped up around college football this season.

There is Miami’s gold chain:

A turnover bucket used by Tennessee and UTSA:

How about a spiked pair of shoulder pads for Georgia, which read “Savage”? Noted buzzkill Darren Rovell does not approve:

Texas A&M has a drum major’s mace, which is for “striking up the band” after a big play.

It’s not just for defense, either, as Ole Miss receivers have an NWO belt. It’s not New World Order like in wrestling, no. It reads “Nasty Wide Outs.”

So far for Boise State, the Broncos’ belt has seen plenty of use. After forcing just nine turnovers in 13 games last season, the Broncos have eight through three games.

“I think it’s something cool,” sophomore safety DeAndre Pierce said. “... It is something that’s motivating, it’s something you want to show off. It’s something we all try to get our hands on.

“We might have to upgrade it, might have to put a little spinner on it.”

There is definitely some pride in wearing it, as junior linebacker Leighton Vander Esch sported it after winning against New Mexico on Thursday, a game in which he had an interception. Six different players have a fumble recovery or an interception.

“Whatever gets the guys going to have fun, I’m down with it,” Boise State defensive coordinator Andy Avalos said. “The guys love it.”